Driving Test Eyesight Test – Top Things You Need To Know Before You Go For It!

Well, the driving eye test is a process in which the examiner will ask you to stand certain distance from the vehicle. The vehicle will be chosen randomly by the examiner.

If you need to wear contact lenses or glasses to read the number plate, you need to wear them during practical driving test as well. You will likely be given three chances to read out the number plate correctly during eye sight test. If you happen to fail the first attempt, your examiner will probably request you to try alternative number plate on another vehicle.

In case, you failed in the second attempt, your examiner will measure the distance to make sure about the accuracy and you will then be offered a final attempt. Failure on third attempt will ultimately result in driving test being terminated. While reapplying for the driving license, DVLA will likely ask you to have eyesight test with DVSA. It will be held at the driving test centre.

It is the requirement that the examiners terminate driving test on failure of third attempt at driving eye test since it is legal requirement that all the drivers must be able to read number plate from the specified distances. It is the responsibility of driving test candidates to make sure that they take proper precautions to ensure that their eyesight meets legal requirements and take suitable eyesight correction if it is applicable to driving test.

What are the driving eyesight requirements?

Learners as well as experienced and qualified drivers must be able to interpret the number plate from a distance as specified regardless of their experience or age. Driving with poor eyesight may result in penalty and fine points. Moreover, the police officers can stop your vehicle as well as test your eyesight using driving examiners method.

You must wear contact lenses or glasses every time while you drive if you require them to meet “Standards of vision for driving”. You should tell DVLA if you have any kind of issue with your eyesight that has affected both your eyes or only one eye.

However, this doesn’t include being long or short sighted or colour blind. You normally don’t require saying in case you have had any surgery to correct your short sightedness and can meet eyesight standards.

Bad eyesight can lead to failed driving test

The driving test eye test is usually compulsory. Most of the test candidates pass eyesight test. However, if they fail, it can be a reason for them to fail. If you fail in the eyesight test, your license will likely be revoked. While reapplying for the license, you will again need to take eyesight test at driving test centre and need to pass in it to get your license.

The above information will really help you in knowing what to expect in your driving eyesight test. Make sure to go through all the driving eyesight rules to pass the test!

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