Easy Guides For Shoppers When Buying Mikimoto Pearls

There are many types of pearls, but of all the mikimoto pearls are considered to be the best. If you are going to search at the leading pearl jewelry stores, you will notice a huge array of pearls. Mikimoto pearls in particular are available in various designs and styles. What should you look for in a mikimoto pearl? To find out, keep on reading below.


It pertains to the degree of light reflected from the pearl surface. Of all pearls, the mikimoto is said to have the best luster and this is because of the size of nacre.

Easy Guides For Shoppers When Buying Mikimoto Pearls

Surface Perfection

Pearls by nature have tiny marks and if you want genuine pearls, then you should look for such mark. Imperfections are just fine, but high quality pearls have minimal surface imperfections.


Pearls are available in various colors and your choice is based on your style and personality. Pearly white and cream are the two most common, but rare colors are also available like blue, green, and gray. Choose a pearl with an evenly distributed color.


High quality pearls have perfect round shape. It is rare to find rounded pearls, which accounts to their expensive price tag.


There are two factors that affect the size of the pearl and these are the freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. Size wise, freshwater pearls are smaller than saltwater. Mikimoto pearls are saltwater pearls, which mean that they are available in large size.

Grading System

  • AAA Pearls – Mikimoto pearls with the highest quality
  • AA Pearls – High quality
  • A Plus Pearls – Great quality
  • A Pearls – Good quality

Heads up!

When buying a mikimoto pearl, you should be very careful as to where the pearl is sourced. Genuine mikimoto pearls are sourced from Honshu, Japan, specifically from the Ise bays. Mikimoto purchased the island to confide his work. The Ise bays protect the work of mikimoto, especially from others who might imitate his work. If you wish to buy a mikimoto pearl, then you should not be afraid to ask questions, especially if you are in doubt about the source of the pearl. You should also look for an embossed “M” marking. This gives you a guarantee that you will get only genuine mikimoto pearls. This pearl is a bit expensive than the rest and so you have to make sure you will get the real thing. Smart buyers make sure they get the best value for their money.

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