Eco Friendly And Cheap: Container Homes

Something comfy, something nice and something to give it a special touch – most of us constantly search for that perfect balance in the place we like to call home.  But as we all know, especially with today’s economy and the general conditions we live in, that isn’t always easy to find. You have to be smart and plan ahead.  In recent years, many people started looking for alternative housing solutions, and this resulted in an increased trend of container homes. And for a good reason, too. They’re adaptable, eco-friendly and most importantly – they’re cheap. Let’s go together through some of the positive aspects of shipping containers and why they become so popular.


One of the first and most obvious advantages, and you’ll have to admit – a tempting one. The cost of a home can define many things about it. That is why shipping containers are a great solution. The thing with containers is that there are literally thousands of empty ones in harbors all around the world. The reason being, because they are very cheap to manufacture, sometimes it simply doesn’t pay off to ship them back to their original home but instead buy new ones for a new trade. Their price varies, but if you try hard enough, you could probably find them under 1000$. That’s a great deal. Check out this guide if you want to find out how to select the perfect one for your needs.

Eco Friendly And Cheap: Container Homes


Another thing that comes to mind when you think about containers is that they are pretty sturdy. It may not seem that way at first glance, but it’s true. Actually, shipping containers were first used by the military for making all kinds of different facilities, like emergency shelters, transport utilities and similar. They’re adaptable and they can withstand almost any kind of weather conditions, even hurricanes and tornadoes. They are built according to industrial standards, meaning they can carry up to 30 tons. Pretty impressive.

Eco Friendly

Did you know that it takes about 3000 board feet (one foot by one foot, one inch thick) of lumber to build a small ranch style house with three bedrooms (around 1000 square feet)? With a little creativity, you can build an amazing container home. Stacking up containers can be a great opportunity to reduce the massive deforestation that is taking placing all over the world today. The problem of abandoned containers could be sorted out quite easily if people knew some of the advantages they bring. Many of us don’t tend to think too much about the environment, at least not until it’s too late, but we should definitely give it more thought.

Eco Friendly And Cheap: Container Homes

Business and Pleasure

Another great thing about containers is that they make great offices.  So perhaps if you are planning to start your own business, or already own one, you should consider the benefits of housing your operation in a container office. Shipping containers are very adaptable, flexible and they can easily be transported, should the need for it arise. They are a perfect solution for startup companies looking to save money every step of the way towards success. No matter what kind of business you operate, you can fully customize the container solutions for your needs, be it a kitchen or a modern office.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the positive sides and aspects of using shipping containers for housing and business. Though it’s not really a conventional place for living, sometimes the alternatives can work out even better. Try to think outside of the box (or in this case – inside the box) once in a while, and you’ll surely come up with a great solution. As you might have noticed, these metal constructions have a lot to offer and it’s only up to you and your creativity what could become of them. The options are almost limitless. So get out of your comfort zone, wake up the creative genius inside you and you will be surprised with what you can make from a simple square metal container.

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