Education For Students In UK

Education system of UK is amongst the most widespread ever. Being amongst world’s top nations for extremely longer time period, before US had taken over; the education pattern of UK is a better one as well as is pursued by a lot of countries around the world including Indian Subcontinents.


The stages for education in UK are categorized in primary education, secondary education, further education, as well as higher education respectively. The children are believed to study the primary education as well as secondary education which within around 5-16 years time period. This system is having 4 main stages. Stage 1 is usually between 5 to 7 years, stage 2 is between 7 to 11 years, stage 3 is between 11 to 14 years as well as stage 4 is between 14-16 years. Stage 1 and stage 2 are organized by the main school whereas stage 3 and 4 are organized by the secondary schools.

Education For Students In UK

Every student is assessed on basis of the performance through end of the stages. Most important assessment is at time when student completes secondary schooling. Following this stage, at age of around 16, student is permitted to select more education or begin his job.

After the achievement of GCSE’s, the students in UK have not many options to select from whereas the students complete A-levels. Student in UK planning of taking up high education at college/university level has to complete more education prior to proceeding to ‘A’ levels, GNVQ’s, BTEC’s, as well as other qualifications (to which several are named as the Vocational courses).

Having more than 100 universities providing huge variety of degree courses for UK as well as abroad students, this country provides enormous opportunities before/after the education. The majority of courses within UK have time duration of 3 years whereas these days sandwich courses which have 4 years time period are also gaining popularity. Specialized degrees like medicine, veterinary, and law takes 5 years.

Fundamental Requirements

Every stage or level of the education has diverse entry requirements which need to be satisfied by the student to become eligible. The initial and primary requirement, particularly in case of foreign students is English language. Clearing IELTS, TOEFL, as well as UCLES tests with passing out with any of them might be sufficient.

Entrance test for GSCE which you assume, relies on schools which you select as you normally need to register through these schools. The entry requirement for A-level also relies on the school which you select because self-governing private schools are having different norms. The entry requirements of vocational courses are just being strong within your English expertise. Here also some schools could have particular requirements.

The entry requirement at University relies on courses which you undertake. The majority of degree courses need passing in A-levels having some universities in need of certain grades for eligibility. International students can enter university without clearing A-level or accomplishing UK systems of education however should have definite level of record points as needed by university or course.

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