Effective SEO Web Design Methods or Rules You Must Follow

Effective SEO Web Design Methods or Rules You Must Follow

There are some effective SEO strategies you need to implement in order to ensure that your website ranks well in search engine results page. For example the way your website is structured, that is the web designing aspect (the wireframes, information architecture, the design and development actions) are part of in-depth SEO and web design but these tested steps are what you must adhere to.  Following these SEO methods that are listed below will help you create a search engine friendly website.

Using your keyword in the URL

Keywords is the staple that search engines feed on – you need to make sure your major keywords are present on relevant pages of your website. Integrate your keyword into the content in a natural way – that is, your contents should be keyword-filled.

Put your keywords before the file code

Cascading style sheet (CSS) is the most popularly used code in modern websites. Placing your keywords near the beginning of the file code is the best practice.

Define Your HTML file size

You need to be in control of the size and quantity of files and codes in your website’s HTML.

Use descriptive image alt text

On your web page design, every image (headings, banner, logo .etc) you install should have a well-defined alt text. Search engines love pages with a better and clear alt text, so far it understands such text…it will rank it.

Choose Internal text links over image links

Just like codes, links can also be read by search engine. Having a readable link within your page is very important. If you want major search engines to rank your website mind and use text link — it’s an identifier!

Setup a search-friendly DHTML

When structuring your website, when it comes to DHTML… the use of CSS instead of JavaScript can give better effects. Well in case your website is in JavaScript already, a secondary text-based navigation should be included.

Don’t Use frames-based Web design

Frames and iframes based designs make it too complicated for search engines to crawl your website.

Apply robots.txt file well

Proper configuration of the robots.txt file lets you be in control. You can define which parts of your website the search engines can access.

Site redirect architecture should be done properly.

Using 301(permanent) redirects is the best idea; 302 (temporary) redirects is be avoided.

Stop hidden text and fraudulent website method

Don’t deceive yourself…the focus is on your website!

Applying black hat SEO or any other fraudulent methods on your website is a deadly game. Such acts can destroy your website in no time.

Avoid splash pages

Splash pages are of no use especially to search engines. The heavy graphic and light texts of most splash pages add no value to a website.

Don’t use query strings in URLs

Your website URL really matters a lot!

For search engines to easily crawl your URL, you need a search-engine friendly URL. Using query strings in URL is so confusing, use keywords in your URL instead. If you have an ugly URL, URL aliasing is suggested.

Create clean, valid code

Search engines love a simple, light, clean code that is in line with W3C standards and more semantically defined. CSS can be a great choice.

Use tables appropriately

You may want to use tables on your website, take heed…use CSS layout.

The use of tables do interfere with the flow of HTML codes putting essential codes where they ain’t supposed to be. CSS layout helps out here.

Don’t Copy Content

This is one rule you must obey…search engines love content — not just any content but unique content!

Copying content from one domain or site to another is not a good search engine optimization practice. It will affect your rankings in a negative way. In fact your website won’t be recognized at all if you do this. Linking to informative content on another website is a good practice, but copying content is an offence.

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