Effective Tips On Reducing iPad Radiation

Most people simply don’t realize it, but every time they use their IPad they are treating themselves with a small dose of radiation. Other people feel that the amount of radiation they receive is so small it isn’t going to harm them. However, frequent exposure to even low levels of radiation can have affect you in many different ways.

iPad and Wi-Fi Radiation

IPadandWi-Fi radiation can over a period of time cause people to be more inattentive, have impaired memory and suffer from insomnia. Continued exposure can lead to more serious health conditions as well. So what can you do to reduce IPad radiation short of throwing that IPad and all other Wi-Fi devices away? Here are some tips that can significantly reduce your exposure to IPad radiation.

  • Buy a Reliable iPad Radiation Blocker

The Best and easiest way to reduce radiation is purchasing anIPad radiation blocker or shielding. You can place the IPad on your lap with the shielding included. It Blocks virtually 100% of EMF Radiation from the back of your tablet.You would see the remarkable use of this tool. It’s handy and light weight. So get one now!

  • Use a Personal Computer Instead of Your IPad When Possible

One of the great things about IPad is that they are portable and go wherever you go. But when you at going to be at home for some period of time then instead of picking up that IPad why not use your home’s personal computer. Reducing your time on your IPad when you can will also reduce your exposure to radiation from that Wi-Fi.

  • Use Airplane Mode When You’renot on the Net

When using your IPad for doing things that doesn’t need internet access, turning your IPad to airplane mode, will block the RF signals from the Wi-Fi and further reduce your exposure to radiation.

  • Don’t Hold Your IPad on Your Lap

The closer you are in proximity to your IPad when in use the more radiation you will be exposed too. So, when using your IPad instead of holding it place it on a table and create a small distance between you and that radiation. Even a small distance can significantly reduce your exposure to IPad radiation and this can really make a difference if you use your IPad several hours a day.

  • Don’t Use YourIPad and Talk on a Cell Phone

Since both of these devices expose you to radiation, you are actually doubling the amount of radiation you are receiving if you use your IPad while talking on your cell phone. By using one or other for a set period of time, you are still being exposed to radiation, but it is less than being exposed by two sources at one time.

  • Avoid Those Internet Cafes

Avoid those internet cafes that are set up to allow people to use their IPad and laptops via their Wi-Fi system. Your exposure to radiation is magnified by everyone in the cafe who is also using the Wi-Fi greatly increasing the amount of radiation you are exposed to a short amount of time.

While there is simply no way to avoid all radiation caused by those Radio Frequencies, you can greatly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to as well as the length of time you are exposed. While reducing IPad radiation may not seem to be a priority, it really is a step toward remaining healthy.

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