Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Fuel Injector Controller

The MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 piggy back ECU’s can driver up to 6 high impendence auxiliary fuel injectors directly from their three (3) high current switched outputs.  Low impendence auxiliary fuel injectors can be used a series ballast resistor or using the MAPECU low impendence fuel injector control.  This control uses true “peak-hold” circuity to maximise injector opening time with a minimum current during the “on” phase.

The MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 is far more advanced than any fuel injector controller piggy-back in the market.  The typical fuel injector control only retards ignition timing where as the MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 provides full advance and retard of ignition timing.  MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 can control up to six (6) external auxiliary injectors using a fully mapped fuel injector table which can augment the OEM fuel injectors when converting from naturally aspirated to forced induction.  More importantly, the MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 has proprietary O2 sensor and AFR sensor adjustment and calibration features to allow adjustment of the OEM ECU air fuel ratios in closed loop.  This is vital technology for any OBD2 naturally aspirated to forced induction conversion.  The MAPECU3 method of ignition timing control not only provides ignition timing advance and retard, it also adds additional features like a user configurable RPM limiter and speed sensitive launch control with anti-lag capability.

Auxiliary fuel injector control as featured in the MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 make forced induction conversions, especially OBD2, must easier to tune.  The OEM fuel injectors still provide fuel in closed loop and off boost with the auxiliary fuel injectors mapped to add fuel when required under boost.  The fuel injector controller is tuned based on percentage of injector duty cycle from zero to one hundred percent (0-100%)

The MAPECU2 and MAPECU3 fuel injector controller can directly drive up to six (6) high impendence fuel injectors from it three (3) high current digital outputs.  An unlimited number of low impendence injectors can be driven using the MAPECU low impedance injector driver module using true peak-hold technology.

No basic fuel injector controller in the market provides all the features MAPECU3 provides out of the box, like WiFi support, EBC, fuel cut defeats, advanced NOS activation, electronic boost control and new flex fuel.

The MAPECU3 flex fuel technology utilises a GM™ fuel composition sensor plumbed into the fuel line to tell the MAPECU3 exactly the ethanol content of the fuel for real-time adjustment of fuel and ignition timing.  No other manufacturer’s boxes or interfaces are required to enable MAPECU3 flex fuel.  If real-time fuel temperature compensation is a required, the MAPECU3 Flex Fuel Temperature adaptor can be wired between the GM™ fuel composition sensor and the MAPECU3 to enable this function.  This small module modifies the signal from the fuel composition sensor so the MAPECU3 can read not only ethanol content, but fuel temperature real-time.

The MAPECU3 flex fuel feature uses two (2) independent fuel, ignition timing and axillary fuel injector controller tables.  These tables are tuned for minimum content ethanol fuel and maximum ethanol content fuel, for example E0 and E85 respectively.  The user can then fine tune the interpolation between the tables based on ethanol content and fuel temperature.  The MAPECU3 adjusts the fuel and ignition timing real-time based on the ethanol content and fuel temperature.

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