Elder Care – Finding The Right Nursing Home

Elder Care – Finding The Right Nursing Home

Ageing population segments are a reality in every country and some more than most.  Quite a few of them enroll in care homes as it is convenient for them to get the help they need.   Whether it is for one’s self or a loved one, there are a few steps that one can take to ensure that the facility they choose is the right one for them.

Choosing a Home

One good avenue to check for information is the Internet – there are a variety of resources to choose from – listings of homes as well as information on the facilities.  Many of them offer ratings on the quality of a particular home too including important information like results of health inspections, staff to resident ratio, fire safety and a number of other features.

Care homes in the UK like Janes Care Home Group ensure that they have safety measures in place to ensure that their older patients with issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s are kept safe with key-coded entry.  Many health care companies choose to open such homes in areas which provide easy access to towns and other medical facilities in case of emergencies.  They also work with residents to meet their pets – pets are usually assessed before they can move in with their owners into the facility.

One of the priorities is to try and encourage residents to remain independent – help is always available.  Family and friends are encouraged to visit with their loved ones to ensure that they don’t feel lonely, by offering an open house policy.

Elder Care – Finding The Right Nursing Home

Why Moving to a Home is a Good Idea:

There are quite a few people who live alone and might need to move into a care home.  This is a big step but many facilities like Janes Care Home Group offer a safe haven to live in and the opportunity to make friends and get help in a timely manner.  Care homes have staff working round the clock and offer meals to residents.  They also offer medical help and this aspect has to be checked into before picking one.

One important thing to keep in mind is cost – in the UK, local councils do pay for all or part of the fees for those who may not have the funds to do so.  There are 2 types of care homes to choose from:

ü  Ones which offer accommodation as well as personal care for basic activities like getting dressed and assistance to the toilet

ü  Others which provide comprehensive services

In some instances, there may be a distinction made like residential and nursing homes.  Checking on the facility before moving in is recommended. There are quite a few homes which offer specialized care for people with serious health issues too.

Checklist of Features to Look for:

Picking the right facility is important and some of the basic questions to ask are:

  • location
  • how easy is it for visitors to find it
  • access to transport
  • availability other facilities like stores, parks, pubs and even churches
  • Is wheelchair access available?
  • Is the facility clean and what kind of an ambience does it have?
  • Is it smelly?
  • Are the rooms comfortably cooled and heated?
  • Is there enough privacy even in public areas?
  • Is there a place to read or watch TV?
  • How big are the rooms?
  • Will the resident have their own room?
  • Will personal possessions be allowed?
  • Are residents allowed to go out for fresh air?
  • Are they given choices in their daily routine?
  • Are children allowed to visit relatives?

These are some of the general questions to look at.  Other specifics to look at are contract.  Make sure to read the contract properly to get an idea of their terms and conditions, feed charged, structure, how NHS payments are accounted for, how to pay for care, what items are not covered by the fees, arrangements for handling personal funds, security of valuables, what is to be done in case a resident dies and so on.  Janes Care Home Group has qualified personnel who can assist family members in such matters and guide them to make the right decisions.

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