3 Soundest Ways To Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress

3 Soundest Ways To Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress

Being a marketer, we just can’t ignore social media platforms, right? It helps us to reach more audiences and enhance brand recognition in the market. And we mention social media, it will be a sin if we ignore Twitter.

After All, Twitter is one of the most popular and oldest social media platforms. Some use to market their product while staying within the platform’s boundaries, while some opt to embed Twitter feed on their website. Either way, no one can afford to miss out on Twitter for their social media marketing plan.

As WordPress is growing in popularity in its category, businesses are marching towards establishing their online presence. As they are using the best website building platform, they are also keen to integrate their website with Twitter, and hence we are witnessing a trend where marketers are opting to embed Twitter feed on WordPress website.

Twitter feeds add great vibrancy to the website and makes it more engaging and interactive. So, if you still haven’t adopted the strategy to embed Twitter feed on WordPress, you are missing out on a lot. 

And if you are convinced to apply this strategy to your website, then we have some amazing tools for you. You can find these tools on the internet with ease. They all are compatible with WordPress and hence provide a great aid in embedding Twitter feed on the WordPress website.

Best Tools To That Helps To Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress Website

Some might argue that embedding is a difficult or time-consuming process, but thanks to these tools they make embedding easy and provide various other features that add great value to this strategy. These are currently the best tools available in the market as they are easy to use, provide great results, and offer great ROI.

1. Tagembed


Tagembed is a popular social media aggregator tool that helps users to collect social feeds from various social media platforms, allows them to curate and customize the collected feed before displaying them on the website. The tool is compatible with 18+ social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc. Hence you can use this tool to collect and embed Twitter feed on the WordPress website.

Talking about the features – the tool offers you the facility to customize the feed as per your need; here, you can change the font size, font color, background, and more and present the feed to your visitor as per your style. Also, you have the option to choose from various themes and layouts, to match the feed style as per your website. This adds charm and professionalism to your website.

Twitter provides the freedom to its users to use the platform to express themselves, but unfortunately, some users misuse this freedom and often post some unusual or inappropriate posts on the platform; you can’t control them. But with this tool, you can control your Twitter feed on a website. It offers you the moderation feature, which allows you to filter out all irrelevant and unwanted posts from your feed. You can either choose to manually remove the posts from the feed or opt for the automation where the tool removes the posts containing the mentioned keywords on its own.

Moreover, the tool provides a responsive feed that adjusts itself as per the screen type; there is no need to change the display setting according to different device types. Custom CSS, Custom CTA, and analytics are some of the other highlighted features that it offers.

2. Onstipe


Onstipe is a great tool that helps you embed live Twitter feed on WordPress website. It helps you in collecting a Twitter feed from your desired source and then allows you to display them on your website. Moreover, it is a lightweight tool that does not affect the website’s speed while displaying tweets. In fact it helps you to embed Twitter feed on your website without any hassle. And as it is compatible to display all types of media on the website, it even showcases images and videos on the website with ease.

It provides you with various themes that you can select to display tweets on your website. It brings grace to your website and makes it pleasing to the eyes. Custom CSS, CTA buttons, auto-moderation are some of the other major features of this tool.

The tool offers you the facility to add Twitter feed anywhere on your website and enhance the visual appeal of your website. After all, it is important to have an appealing website to attract and impress your visitors in this competitive world.

3. TweetWally


TweetWally is an amazing tool that provides you an ease to embed Twitter feed on WordPress website. The tool allows you to collect feeds using keywords, hashtags, and usernames. After collecting the feed from your desired source allows you to customize the feed as per your need and add charm and grace to your website.

It provides a smooth functioning and within a few clicks and steps, and your website will be displaying Twitter feed without any trouble. 

Summing It Up

Twitter is an influential social media platform, using it for your social media marketing is a good move, but using it beyond the boundaries by opting to embed Twitter feed on WordPress is a smarter move. With the help of the above tools, you can easily add Twitter to WordPress website and integrate it with Twitter. Another hidden benefit of this strategy is that your visitors get to know about your Twitter presence and eventually strengthens your social media presence. And while you are using the WordPress website, we suggest you check the Twitter feed WordPress plugin as it further makes your embedding process hassle-free.

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