Engineering Major? How To Choose A Discipline That Fits Your Personality and Interests

Engineering Major? How To Choose A Discipline That Fits Your Personality and Interests

The field of engineering is a growing, booming industry filled with many prospects at a life of the utmost fulfillment and success! If you’re planning on being an engineering major, it’s obvious to say that, like most majors, you’re in for a lot of hard work and dedication to your studies. But, the field of engineering is a rewarding career, filled with opportunities and benefits as diverse as those who are employed by it.

In this article, you’ll discover the basic disciplines (branches) of engineering as well as what kinds of skills are needed for you to succeed in each branch, as well as the kind of people who work well in each branch. If you’re wondering what type of engineering discipline would be most beneficial for your personality, then continue reading.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is just what it means. It is where engineers take raw materials, chemicals, and turn them into solid forms. This means that they take materials such as poly-crystalline, oxide, etc. and mold them into materials that average, ordinary citizens can use like toilet paper, plastic bags, and bottles. The kind of people who work in this field include those who work with bio-molecules. If you’re really into biological science and working with the periodic table, then this is the ideal discipline of engineering for you!

Engineering Major? How To Choose A Discipline That Fits Your Personality and Interests

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is where people construct and maintain natural surroundings and make use of those surroundings such as mines and forests. People in this field have a particular proclivity for natural resources and ecosystems such as lakes and forests. If you’re a person who loves the outdoors, the preservation of animals or natural landscapes then this is the ideal discipline of engineering for you. People who are interested in the outdoors, as well as those who enjoy doing hands-on work typically enjoy this discipline because it caters to both their interests as well as their talents.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering consists of engineers who consistently work with electricity and electromagnetic fields. The construction of electronics such as computers, DVD players, and cell phones are a huge part of this discipline of engineering. In today’s society, electronics are a substantial part of everyday life, and the industry is growing and changing constantly. If you’re someone who enjoys electronics and fixing things, or if you are fascinated by the technological advancements taking place in the world, this might be the perfect route for you. If you think about the amazing advancements in technology that have taken place only in the past decade, you’ll realize that you could be working on some pretty remarkable projects in the near future if you choose this course.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering consists of people who work with heavy machinery. The type of person who loves to work in this field of engineering is one who enjoys the sounds of heavy metal clanking and the turning of screws. If doing this type of hands-on building and fixing excites you, this is a branch you should really look into. This is an ideal discipline if you love working with heavy machinery such as cars and other large, moving vehicles. Those who have always loved working on machines, fixing parts, or taking things apart to figure out how they work, are the perfect candidates for this discipline. Some areas of engineering aren’t as hands on, but if you are ready to get your hands dirty and build things from scratch, take them apart, and rebuild them, this is the way to go.

Systems Engineering

This branch of engineering involves the complex planning of many different systems such as food systems, agriculture, genetics, and even machinery. This type of engineering is basically every type of discipline rolled into one. If you’re someone who is a multi-tasker and enjoys various subjects at once then this type of engineering is for you. If you are having trouble discovering what you are good at, or even what you are interested in, this would be a great major to start out in. Then, if you find you are more interested in one specific area of your systems classes, you can change to that discipline. However, if you feel like you want to do a little bit of everything, this would be a great branch to graduate in.

The field of engineering is a growing, diverse field filled with many fulfilling professions. The trick is figuring out which branch of engineering will be of the most interest to you and provide you with a career you are happy with. Although you have a plethora of choices, the more research you do about the different disciplines of engineering, the easier it will be to narrow down your choices. Information for this article about the branches of engineering was provided by Deringer-Ney, an engineering company that specializes in cold heading, and other manufacturing processes that produce essential parts for machinery in the auto, medical, and aerospace industries.

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