Vanity Numbers

Enhance Your Company’s Credibility With Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are toll-free numbers that consists of phrase or a word made up of the alphanumeric character present on the telephone keypad. These numbers are also known as vanity 800 numbers. Due to the increased popularity of these numbers many companies have linked vanity numbers to their website to target web and phone user simultaneously. Vanity numbers are the perfect way to maximize customer base through marketing. It gives potential customers a point of contact which they carry back in their memory and they can use this number to communicate with you. These phone numbers provides prospective clients a fast, free and easy way to interact with companies via telephone.

Enhance Your Company’s Credibility With Vanity Numbers

Benefits of Buying a Vanity Phone Numbers

It is impossible for customers to remember large number by just seeing the billboard when they pass through a highway .So it is important to choose an easy and unforgettable number for your business to increase your brand eminence.

Increases Brand Recognition

A good vanity numbers helps in increasing your brand cognizance and response rate because these numbers are simple and easy to remember.

Gives Good Market Presence to Your Company

Vanity numbers creates good impression on customer and makes customer believe that youare an established corporate with greater potential.

Gives Customer Credibility and Recognition

Vanity numbers are great tool for the marketing of your business. As these numbers can be easily memorized, customers can easy reach you for repeated orders, or to get more information about your services.

Increase Customer Response Rate

Vanity numbers help companies to build stronger relationship with customers in order to increase customer response ratio. These numbers also provides call tracking reports to improve business response rate.

How to get Good Vanity Numbers?

Good vanity numbers are awesome tool for effective marketing of your brand. Getting a vanity is not a complex task as many companies are available in the market who will sell you toll free services. Many companies specialize in the setup of toll free numbers and they route call on the basis of location or caller id of the caller. Some VoIP providers have also started to provide toll-free numbers to their clients. You can also lease a number from any company.


Many companies provide local numbers for sale. So while a buying vanity number for your company, choose a number that is relevant to your business and easy to remember.


This article includes information on local numbers for sale. Read more to find out the benefits of buying a phone numbers.

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