Ensure Safety with Various Types of Braking System

With time, car parts have witnessed rapid transitions. Whether it is engines or headlights, advancement has led to a better car performance and looks. There is no doubt that a car is made up of numerous small parts, and each one is crucial for a car. One such essential car part is the brake that is solely for security purpose.

Brake system is very essential part for car to make sure of safety on roads. In recent times, brakes are installed on all the wheels to ensure safety in a better way. These brakes are operated by hydraulic systems. Front brakes that are installed in a car play a vital role than the brakes present in the rear wheels. Different types of brakes are used in the car such as Disc brakes and Drum brakes.

Disc brakes prove to be more efficient than drum brakes and, as a result, they are installed in the front wheels. In high-performance car, disc brakes are used and in case of old cars, drum brakes are used.

Power Assisted Brakes:

In recent times, these new brake systems have come into existence as it reduces the effort that is required while applying brakes. It consists of a servo unit that assists the connecting pipe to the inlet manifold. A direct servo is built-in between the master cylinder and the pedal. When the brake pedal is pushed, it pushes the rod. This in turn pushes the piston of the master cylinder.

There is a diaphragm that is made of rubber is connected directly to the piston of the master cylinder. When brakes are not in use, this diaphragm is uncovered from manifold into the vacuum. There are also some cars that have an indirect servo. In such kind of brakes, the unit can be placed at anyplace in the engine compartment.

Drum Brakes:

These brakes have a drum like structure that is connected with the wheel. Open back of this type is enclosed with a stationary back plate. Two shoes that have fiction lining are embedded on the back plate. By hydraulic pressure of the pistons, shoes are forced to move outwards. To slow down or stop the car, linings are pressed inside.

Some drum brakes have their hydraulic cylinder and other comes with trailing shoe and one leading shoe. This is a simpler model and restricted in rear brakes.

Disc Brakes:

As the name suggests, these brakes have a disc like structure. A caliper is included on the disc that has a hydraulic piston which works by pressure that comes from the master cylinder. To slow down, pads are pressed that compress the disc. The pads are made in a way to cover a wide portion of the disc. In the case of dual-circuit brakes, more than a pair of pistons is used.

Active Braking System:

This is a revolutionary braking system that has evolved in recent time to increase the safety levels. The system maximizes the brake force to prevent collision on some emergency situations. Warning is also given to the driver by these brakes. Making use of the latest technology, these revolutionary brakes have come into existence. By using radar based systems, this new system works and can be found mostly on luxurious cars.

Brakes are the only system that ensures the safety of the car. Powerful brake is equivalent to better security. Incorporating cars with the latest technique of braking system can prevent collision. Apart from braking system, lights also play a major role in ensuring the safety on roads. Although different types of headlights have emerged in recent time, Ford Focus Aftermarket Headlights proves to the best option.

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