Environmentally Minded? 5 Careers You Might Enjoy

Environmentally Minded? 5 Careers You Might Enjoy

With modern society’s excessive emphasis on technological expansion, it can be difficult for environment lovers to find an occupation that caters to their quaint affinity with nature. Fortunately, environmentally friendly jobs have been making a serious cultural comeback. This guide explores five fields of work that are dedicated to integrating the environment in a jointly beneficial fashion.


Physical anthropologists spend an extensive amount of time personally analyzing ancient ruins to determine the environmental factors that led to collapse for lost civilizations. By uncovering mysteries of archaic societies, the realm of archeology can help apply the lessons of the past as current scientists try to grasp current events in climate change. The occupation is witnessing a resurgence in relevance, especially as the need for a collective response to global warming is mandated.

Architectural Design

The latest trends in futuristic building plans all revolve around green energy. Ultimately, modern architects aspire to maximize the integration of their creations with the environment that surrounds them. In fact, many architecture schools encourage students to participate in Environmental Studies in tandem with their core curriculum. These extra courses will ensure that all graduates have a competitive resume in a field that is rapidly moving away from wasteful conventions.

Environmentally Minded? 5 Careers You Might Enjoy

Park Ranger

For people that like to directly witness the positive outcomes of their work, becoming a park ranger may be the best course of action available. These dedicated professionals are tasked with enforcing laws in the rugged wilderness of protected national territories and animals. They instill order to maintain constant preservation of the environment’s natural state, and they can accomplish this heroic mission while remaining outdoors non-stop. This job is not for the faint of heart as it requires working outdoors in all seasons.


Protect sacred lands through politics. Environmental progress would be abysmal without steadfast defenders representing nature in the court of law. Corporate lobbies levy billions to dismantle important legal safeguards, so it takes loyal fighters on the other side to uphold justice for all ecosystems being threatened by big business.

Tour Guide

Be immersed in tropical locales at all times. Tour guides must be well-versed in safety and geography, but the job has endless perks. Not only do these professionals get to spend the bulk of their time in renowned landscapes, but they get paid to share their enthusiasm with eager travelers.

Technology Developer

Although working with technology may seem like the polar opposite of doing environmental work, that is not the case. New technology is used to create electric cars, new ways of harnessing power, etc. People who have a passion for both new technology and the environment have the potential to create new ways of saving energy and the environment.

Anyone with a passion for the environment can find fulfilling work. Corporations are slowly leaning towards newer and greener ways of conducting business, so if you have green talents, your skills are in high demand. The aforementioned arenas detail just five possible opportunities, but there are hundreds of unique options available. With just a little research, all individuals with an affinity for nature can actualize their enjoyment for personal profit and public preservation.

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