Everything You Need To Know About Unlocking Your iPhone

Unlocking your phone has its simple, yet appealing, benefits of allowing you to use your iPhone with any network you choose while also increasing the resale value. So how do you unlock your iPhone and what are the requirements?

Before you begin, you will want to find a legal and legitimate unlocking service. By legal and legitimate, I mean a service that uses iTunes and the iPhone’s IMEI number to unlock it. Any other strategy or service could mean the service is jailbreaking your iPhone. It’s illegal and unreliable and could ruin your phone.

Once you’ve found a service, you then need to determine if your iPhone is still locked into a contract with your current provider. A way that you can do that is to use a network checker. Simply type in your IMEI number and this nifty device will let you know if you are eligible.

If you are eligible, find out if your network can be unlocked by checking your country and network for the price of the service. If your network and country is available, you can begin the unlocking process.

Proceed with choosing your iPhone model and then enter your IMEI number and choose which network your phone is currently connected to and then make a payment. After you’ve made the payment

When you unlock your phone in this way it always upgrades to the latest firmware as well as apps. Your phone will continue to work as normal. If you’ve chosen a scam service and your phone has been jailbroken, it’s possible that your operating system and apps won’t update properly and your phone will fail to work.

If you’ve decided to factory unlock your phone you will now be able to use it with any service, internationally, that you choose. In order to avoid scam sites look for signs such as:

  • Free apps with purchase
  • Instant unlock services
  • Same price regardless of the network

These simple tips should help you to avoid any site that might try to scam you. Remember, factory unlocks take time and some networks might cost more than others, but unlocking your iPhone does have its benefits.

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