Explore The City’s Mysterious Glam: Unusual Hotels In London

London is an iconic city that has historic sites and an ultra-modern metropolis for all to behold. Getting up and about is sure to open up some new found attractions as well as a few quirky and puzzling sights along the way. Here are a few hotels that have earned that reputation of being weird – to say the least.

40 Winks Hotel


Its sheer size is of great interest. Located in the East London area the hotel is pretty much miniscule but has a decent capacity. Widely regarded as the first mini boutique hotel the establishment lives up to its name. Guests that have boarded the facility have few qualms if any about the size and actually pour a heap of praise after their stay.

If conventional accommodation is accustomed to large expansive areas to relax and unwind in, this may be a jolting surprise. Once this aspect has sunk in it is easy to make the necessary bookings and take some rest.

The Hoxton Hotel

hoxton hotel

This hotel makes the cut not only for being erected in the site of an old car park but also for something else. In the entrance lobby the guests are treated to a real fireplace. The location at the heart of a thriving city has the ability to conjure the image of a cozy and isolated rural locality with great ease. The open plan lobby gives way to a nicely furnished array of apartment rooms that are ultra-modern with the necessary privileges of modernity such as Wi-Fi.

Pavilion Hotel


Few hotels are able to match the decor that is manifested in this special place. Themed rooms come with odd names such as Enter the Dragon or Harlequin. Everything right from the furniture to the overall setting seems straight off the fantasy express. While notorious for its narrow hallways and small rooms like many other hotels at the heart of the city, there is something definitely upbeat and sensational about all this.

Gir Lion Lodge

London Zoo-080613-0141

The location of this lodge at the ZLS London Zoo gives it all away. There is bed and breakfast package that is shared with the other parks residents- monkeys, lions, warthogs, penguins and the likes. A visitor might not properly comprehend how this establishment is at par with nature’s not so civilized guest, but overall the experience is an exhilarating one.

Highgate yurt

Yurt hotel

Yurts have recently gained a huge popularity worldwide. Originally used as nomadic structures in Mongolia they have been adapted to modern abodes with all the facilities needed for a cozy stay at affordable pricing. This particular pick is strategically located near Highgate Station and offers easy access across Central London. The mix of ancient exotic heritage and 21st Century ambiance earns this hotel a spot in this list.

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