Exploring The Link Building Strategies In 2013

Search engines rank your website on the basis of various factors and Links are one of them. The more the numbers of pages are linked to your webpage, the more valuable they become for the search engines. But at the same time it is also important that the sites that cite you or share your contents should be of high quality. The sites which are more relevant and popular are likely to leave a better impact on your traffic and position high in search engines results. When previously link building was quantity based rather than quality, in the post Penguin 2.0 scenario the changes in Google’s search algorithm has made it essential to focus on the quality and value of links.

Exploring The Link Building Strategies In 2013

On the basis of the ways links are obtained, they are of three types. For those links coming from pages that link to your website spontaneously, putting high quality content is enough to increase chances for natural links. The second kind of links are those which are obtained through outreach. You need to do manual work for getting backlinks to your website and this involves signing up to directories, asking various page owners for linking to your site and lists and profiles. The third type, the self-created ones are those non-editorial links usually posted in comment sections and forums and often considered spamming if over-exploited. With effective link building service it is still possible to get high rank on search engines.

Link Building Strategies and Tactics:

Guest posting: This strategy offers a win-win situation where you offer other blogs in the niche to post your content. It is advantageous for both sides; here the blog owner benefits by receiving original, good quality and relevant content that aids to the blog’s attractiveness, on the other hand, the guest blogger is benefited by getting exposure and backlinks to his website and establishing relationships in the blogosphere. The audience is benefited as well with interesting and diverse content.

In the post Penguin 2.0 period, search engines are cunning enough to identify those blogs which are solely made for guest posts and loaded with low quality, nonsense articles. These are sure to be penalised and find their rank decreased.

Internal Linking: With Internal Linking you can make the most of your own site; by directing a visitor from one sub-page to another page, from the blog to a landing page and so on. In such case you need to make sure that the content that is getting interlinked is relevant and connected to the reader.

Profile Links: You get a profile after signing up to a website or portal; this contains a link to your site. By posting quality content on the site and assigning it to yourself, you can escalate your Google Authorship and improve your ranks. Someone who has Google Plus Profile, is able to attribute content to own name from any other website or blog.

Submission Websites: A large range of link building tactics are there based on submission of your content, be it a single article, blog or your website. In article directories you can get your articles uploaded for more traffic and better exposure. Web 2.0. websites are there to submit contents, pictures or videos. The user rating review sites allow submitting opinions of users on your product and getting backlinks too. You can create interesting and informative infographic and submit it to Infographic submission sites. Apart from these Company directories are there as a good source of external linking.

It should be noted that link building service is an ongoing process as links tend to decay over time. Involving tactics like importance on quality content, digital PR, guest blogging, long-term relationship building with bloggers can prove to be effective in 2013.

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