Fashion Styles in the World of Professional Soccer

Soccer players are celebrities across the globe. This sport has been the showcase of adored athletes in many cultures as well as internationally. Some of these athletes have used their fame to popularize certain fashion trends.

Christiano Ronaldo and His Own Fashion Brand

Christiano Ronaldo is a Portugese soccer player who plays for Real Madrid. He started his own fashion line with stylish clothing for men and women both. He recently released his own line of underwear, which is very popular with his teammates. Part of the marketing campaign for his fashion line includes him modeling his own items. The underwear shots appear to be particularly popular, and help to increase his brand’s relevance.

David Beckham Fashion Icon

Many people look up to David Beckham for fashion tips. Beckham, married to supermodel Victoria Beckham, is a fashion leader. Beckham’s style is famously tagged as metrosexual. Beckham sports tattoos and rock and roll t-shirts, tuxedos, scarves, and his skivvies all equally well. Men from the Americas and Europe all strive to keep up with Beckham’s style. He made it well onto the fashion radar with GQ’s expose of his 25 most stylish looks. He may have single-handedly brought the blazer with jeans combination into style.

Marco Reus and That Fabulous Hair

Marco Reus, of Germany, has amazing hair. Tutorials abound on Youtube, helping fans everywhere to learn how to replicate Reus’ amazing looks. Spikes, Mohawks, and the all combed to one side looks are inspired into mainstream fashion by Reus, as the midfielder is a real trendsetter when it comes to hair. The all to one side look, which arguably stems from a Japanese cartoon, is one that Reus is particularly responsible for bringing into the mainstream.

David James, Rocking the Curly Locks

English goalkeeper David James is famous for his trendy hair. James endorsed the fashion brand Armani, which became very popular as an upscale brand in the 90′. James’ afro hairstyle and corn rows became popular trends as well.

Franz Beckenbauer is Trending Something

Beckenbauer is a very good soccer player who is definitely trending something. Some say it’s his new team slated to play against an alien race and others say it’s just a hoax advertisement for a new cell phone, but either way, he is making soccer news that has overflowed into all society. Aliens are becoming a fashionable conversation topic these days, and Beckenbauer is pushing this trend forward in the athletic realm. Soccer star Lionel Messi has joined Beckenbauer in the Galexy 11 aliens soccer match endeavor and has been modeling a space suit in preparation.

Ruud Gullit and the Fascinating Combination

The style for men with dreadlocks and a mustache comes from none other than Dutchman Ruud Gullit. He has since shaved to look clean cut, but the style he began lives on without him. For a man who marched to the beat of his own fashion drum, Ruud Gullit’s dreadlock and mustache combination cannot be beat.


Kyle David writes on sports clothing, lingerie, sports history, fashion trends and other topics. Kyle recommends Lupo Lingerie for those looking to expand their personal wardrobe.

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