Fashion Tips For Professional Women – Bringing Style To The Office

While there will always be those who seem professional attire as largely unnecessary and perhaps something of a burden, what you wear to work will always say a lot about who you are and how you carry yourself. Of course, workplace fashion is the kind of subject that most find about as boring and uninspiring as it gets, but with a little creativity and imagination, it’s perfectly possible to bring at least a little style into the office.

In terms of drawing the line as to what makes for professional attire and what doesn’t, it’s no secret that women have a much harder time with things than men. According to the experts at Bella Fashion Queen however, women also have vastly more scope for choice than male professionals for whom which colour to pick their suit in is really about as far as creativity and choice go.

Fashion Tips For Professional Women – Bringing Style To The Office

So for those looking to not only make the right impact on those around them but generally feel fabulous at work, here is a quick overview of just a few of the most essential fashion tips for professional women:

Try Out a Suit

What’s interesting about the business suit is that while it may come across to some as the exact opposite, its main purpose is to in fact reduce the amount of attention it grabs. Suits are standards for business purposes for the simple reason that they’re all to some extent very similar and thus make it easier to take your focus away from what the person is wearing to instead focus on them themselves. In terms of being interpreted as a professional with a great deal to contribute therefore, a suit can often be the way to go.

Care with Fragrances

Just as important as what you wear to the office is the choice you make in terms of fragrances. You can load up on all the quality designer gear in the world but if you choose a wholly inappropriate perfume or a fragrance that’s eye-wateringly powerful, chances are this is the primary thing you’ll become known for. Workplace fragrances should be subtle, understated and elegant – never overpowering.

Blend In

If you work as part of a team with a fair few peers, contrary to what some would advise it’s actually a good idea to try to blend in at least to a moderate extent. The reason being that when you’re working with others at the same level as you, it rarely looks good on your part if you put way too much effort into your look or come across as a little too casual. You’ll naturally be compared to those around you at all times by your superiors so it’s important not to be interpreted as someone that either takes herself too seriously or to some extent cannot be bothered.

Limit Exposed Skin

When dressing for a place in which you’ll be doing business, this isn’t the kind of place where you should have too much bare skin on show. You don’t necessarily have to wear floor-length skirts and long sleeves in order to make sure you’re totally covered, but in terms of your chest, back, shoulders and so on, there’s a pretty strict limitation in terms of how much you can get away with. If unsure, err on the side of caution and keep yourself looking classy.

Style Vs Substance

Never forget that it really doesn’t matter how pretty or expensive any given outfit may be, it’s no good to you if it isn’t 100% comfortable for the whole of the day. Not only is it impossible to do your job properly if you’re uncomfortable, but chances are it will be noticeable to others that you’re clearly favouring form over function by wearing a getup you can’t wait to get out of. Needless to say, this also includes those shoes you can barely walk in without having your feet ripped to shred with every step you take.

The Perfect Fit

Last but not least, even if it means a somewhat elongated shopping experience or a trip to the tailor, you must ensure that your professional attire fits like a glove. Not only for the sake of your own comfort, but also for the way in which it’s almost impossible to take another person seriously if the clothes they’re wearing are either cutting them in half or falling off their frames. This is bad enough in everyday life but even worse in the office – make sure it fits and if it doesn’t, get rid of it.

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