Fat-Burning Mechanism Of The Clen

The ability of the Clen to rise the body temperature is what makes it an effective fat burning supplement. The body temperature rises by about a degree F aiding in effective fat burning thereby making it more demanding in the market despite its ban in certain countries. While Clenbuterol cuts out the unwanted fat from the body some muscle loss also occurs due to the burning of protein along with the fat. The repartitioning effect enables the transformation of essential nutrients into lean muscle mass rather than unwanted body fat.


Comparing between Gel and Tablet Form:

It is a personal preference of the Clen user to opt for either the gel or the tablet version. The gel form has more potency to serve a specific need while the tablet form is for general consumption to obtain a number of different results. Most of gel forms like the Claire gel is meant only for horses and has instructions on them to be used on vets and animals. The gel form is measured in terms of ml instead of the commonly known mcg, where 1ml is equivalent to 200mcg. So, the dosage level for beginners is 25mcg or 1/8ml which can prove to be an effective dosage to start off with.

When it comes to customer review relating to the use of the Clen there is a higher preference for the gel form in comparison to the tablet form but the former also comes with a greater risk of side-effects.Due to these alterations in the usage preference it is highly recommended to start off with a lower dosage irrespective of the form of the product being taken. Many professionals are of the opinion that a particular form of the supplement be used for a considerable time period and its effect be compared with other forms to decide upon the more effective form of this supplement.

Knowing the Gel Dosage Cycle:

Irrespective of the form of intake of the Clen the cycle remains the same. However, there are some general recommendations which if followed properly can mitigate the risk of any possible side-effect. Although the Claire gel is meant only for horses those using this form should refrain from using it during the latter part of the day to avoid any sleeping related disorders. Those following the two days on and two days off cycle should restrict the initial dosage level to a maximum of 40mcg with the level ranging between 20mcg to 40mcg, the entire cycle period spanning for 2 to 3 weeks.

After the conclusion of this period the dosage level should be increased to 40mcg to 60mcg and the same cycle is repeated. Since the gel form of this supplement is harder to measure most users will opt for the tablet or liquid version for convenient oral administration. Most users opt to take out any time for their use while professionals tend to match the date of their competition with the Clen cycle to achieve desired results.

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