Fighting Depression With The Soothing Words from Guru Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji

When people are born, they are blessed with their share of joys along with sorrow. But then it is totally up to each person on how he is enjoying his blessings. Even the mightiest person or the person born in the wealthiest family cannot say that he will always remain blessed. If he had done sins in his past birth, then he would surely have to pay for it even in this birth. It is therefore, recommended that you go for doing good deeds and follow a healthy and spiritual path to ensure that you have peace of mind amidst all this drama.

Fighting Depression With The Soothing Words from Guru Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji

Seeking the assistance of a Guru who is well versed in scriptures is right for you, as he will be able to show you the right path towards spiritual progress. It may take time for you to get the real answers to your spiritual queries, but the fact is that the process of spiritual progress is something that should start early in life. Seeking the right path of life from Gurus like Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji would help you a great deal since he will have you initiated in to the spiritual path slowly and steadily.

Seeking a Guru and his Influence in your Life:

Your Guru is someone who is a teacher and who has only got Motherly love towards you; more or less like the love that a God has for all the creatures that He has created. A Guru would be wise, and this wisdom he would like to share with his disciples. This kind of knowledge of the world is what makes a Guru one of the best persons to seek in life. Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji is one such teacher who knows that to keep your life and to help you come across the trials and tribulations in life, one would need the assistance and grace of God.

This is why the Guru has to be obeyed by the disciples for getting the right direction in life. Especially in times when people have lot of problems, they would need guidance. It has been seen that in times of troubles, people might get distracted and move away from their path of righteousness.

Meditating the Way to Serenity:

If your mind is restless, then you would not be able to understand or even find solutions to your problems. So, try to cool your mind and think of the Guru’s Beej Mantra. In some cases, Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji would urge you to chant that Beej Mantra and pray along with you to the Cosmic Consciousness so that you find relief from your problems easily. Meditating on Holy mantras and focusing on your Guru as a point of meditation would set your mind to rest and give you peace. People should understand that with clear mind only, people can get clarity of thoughts and based on that, they can take actions. This is why the Guru has always been the most effective person to share your concerns with for a peaceful life ahead.

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