Finding Ties for Boys and Young Men

Since they first came onto the marketplace, ties have been one of the most popular and enduring parts of professional attire. Indeed, men of all ages have been able to look more than a little refined and dignified while wearing the things… And quite a few parents have been delighted to make sure their boys look nice for weddings and other formal-wear events. Unfortunately, finding appropriate ties for younger men can be a bit of a challenge, so today we’re going to talk about what to look for in ties for kids – and what to avoid.


Kids grow fast, so one thing you shouldn’t do is buy the tie too far in advance – instead, a few weeks before you want them to be wearing it, you should carefully measure your child and find out what the best fit will be. When you buy a tie that’s appropriate for your child’s actual height, you’ll be ensuring that it looks good on them – too short or too long and it won’t look nearly as nice. Most sellers include a sizing guide based on the average height of a child, but consider buying a size smaller or larger if you know that your child has an unusual height for their age.


Next, you should think about the color and pattern of the tie. Many young boys wear ties over white or light blue shirts, and a darker tie can provide the sort of contrast that makes your boy look his best. If the child’s shirt is dark to start with, though, consider a brighter tie (such as a yellow one) in order to get the same effect.

Ease of use is also important for a child’s tie, and let’s face it, not too many of them know how to tie knots very well. Worse, you might not be experienced at that, either… Fortunately, some suppliers offer pre-tied versions with options like clips or adjustable straps that help to ensure a proper fit. More importantly, young boys who have a lot of energy will probably be happier if they don’t have to stand around for ten or fifteen minutes while somebody else tries to get the tie on just right.


Try to avoid ties with anything except a basic pattern on them; while older men can pull off a “character” tie, most boys will probably look silly if they wear something like that. A basic stripes, squares, or plaid pattern won’t have this sort of problem.

Don’t discard the safety instructions, either – a properly worn tie is no threat or danger, but young children may use ties in an unsafe manner. Monitor them while they’re wearing the tie, show them how to take it off if it’s becoming a problem, and you’ll be just fine.


The author supports both Ties For Boys and Ties For Young Men when worn in a safe and intelligent manner – after all, the photos usually turn out great! Ties For Boys and Ties For Young Men are both available as options from Rascal Rack, a leading provider of ties for youth.

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