Fingerprint Identification System Looked Upon As An Effective Method Of Identification

The reason as to why; Fingerprint Identification is looked upon as an effective method of identification is that there are no two persons who have identical finger prints. There can be no denying the verity that the introduction of fingerprint recognition software has qualified the same as one among the best identification systems. These days this software is widely available and many organizations and individuals are deliberating on the thought of implementing the same.

Accurate Results:

In a corporate environment, a fingerprint identification system is used for the sole purpose of identifying employees, customers and partners. If you are thinking in the terms of a personal setting, the same can be used in your residence. There are a number of qualities which are expected of a similar system. The first and foremost one which you can certainly expect is accuracy. Remember, that any software which offers the greatest accuracy positively offers you with the desired level of security, as well.

Proper Finger Positioning:

However, the extent of accuracy can get adversely affected as a result of the inappropriate positioning of the finger. It often is the case that scarred fingers becomes difficult to scan. Another aspect which matters to a great extent is speed as it causes minimum interruption in work. Another desirable option with the fingerprint system is personalization. Prior to making a purchase, it is a wise thought to check the personalization options.

Matching Methods:

The same ensures that you face the minimum difficulty in customizing the software suiting your purpose in the definitive way. Certainly, it is a good option to have picture along with the name of the identified individual. For fingerprint reading different types of sensors are used. Some of these are:

  • Optical
  • Thermal
  • Ultrasound
  • Capacitive

The two types of fingerprint matching methods are minutiae and pattern matching. As in the pattern matching, two images are compared for finding out similarities. On the other hand, minutiae points are taken into account in minutiae matching.

Working Principle:

As far as the working of the fingerprint identification system remains in focus, the same is divided into two steps. In the first step, the fingerprint of a person is scanned. The same is necessarily achieved with the help of a scanning machine which remains responsible for capturing the image of the finger. In the marketplace, there are different types of scanners available such as the SecuGen Hamster IV and Crossmatch Verifier 300. The advantage with SecuGen Hamster IV scanner remains in the fact that there is no need of promoting the same. It holds the ability to get automatically activated as and when a finger is placed on the sensor.

The second step which remains involved can be termed as the actual print identification and the same involves matching the scanned fingerprint along with the enrolled prints. Fingerprint technology is finding immense importance in criminal technology and it helps in making research for crimes a lot easier. Fingerprint systems find importance across different sectors which include; smart card industry, public sector department, offices, industries and electronic detection systems.

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