5 Important Matters That You Have To Solve While Restructuring Your Website

5 Important Matters That You Have To Solve While Restructuring Your Website

The word restructuring refers to bringing noticeable internal change in the system. You can restructure your website whenever you want but it is very important that you do it right. It can put your website at risk as the whole process takes time and your website may be down for days. On the other hand restructuring can be extremely beneficial if it is done the right way because people seem to like change and it can also make your website faster and work in a better manner. Websites are sometimes also restructured when a person decides to change the whole theme of services that he/she is offering on the website. On other occasions people sell their websites for money and those who buy it, rearrange the website according to their desires. Regardless of what your reasons might be, there are some things that you always need to keep in mind while restructuring your websites.

  • Traffic Loss

Sometimes people seem to reject the changes that are made on the website and this affects the traffic. Traffic loss is the most serious problem that a website owner has to face as it is the main reason why a website is made in the first place. Traffic loss can occur for various reasons. If the ownership of website is transferred, this can also reduce the flow of traffic. Simple changes like color theme and even the font that is used on the website can affect the traffic flow in a negative or a positive manner. So, all necessary measures should be taken to reduce the traffic loss on a website while restructuring it.

  • Handling Links

If you plan on shifting your website to another domain, it is advised that you make a backup first. This gives you a chance to solve the problem of broken links on your website. Some links can be fixed but some are to be deleted because broken links become one of the main reasons why people stop visiting your website. Normally, pinging is used to locate all the broken links on the website. You can easily use this tool and correct all the errors that are occurring due to these broken links. They are treated one at a time so if the errors are too many in number, changing the website URL might not be a bad idea.


Most of the time people replace their existing website with a new one. For this purpose, make sure to use redirects as it prevents the site from going down for a longer period than expected. Redirects helps you to direct the incoming traffic from one page to another which can give you enough time to restructure your website in a proper manner. Redirects also assist you by using Google analytics as it solves the errors that you may have to face.

  • Using CMS Assistance

When you’re moving your site from one place to another, you wouldn’t want to lose traffic. Content management system helps you take care of this problem as it provides you a time window for restructuring your site properly. This program helps your website to function properly during restructuring. So, it is advised to all who want to reconstruct their website to use this program and get the most out of it.

  • Goal for Restructuring and Protection of Assets

You should know why you are restructuring your website and in order to do that you need to have full information about how your website works and what its functions are. If it requires some changes, you should be aware of what changes you can bring to your website that would help make it better. The best way to set a goal for restructuring is to get maximum feedback from the visitors and see what they like or dislike, then change it according to their responses.

Your website has certain keywords that appear in the search engines and make your website noticeable to people. When you restructure your website, you are more likely to lose these assets because of the changes you make. Make sure that you protect your website’s assets and add them to the restructured website so that it is easy for people to recognize and find your website.

Restructuring can be very useful in increasing the traffic flow to your website if it is done properly. So, make sure you take care of all the above mentioned considerations to successfully restructure your website.

Author’s Bio: This article is written by James P. Henry, who is an IT professional currently working at ipage review. He has assisted many big names in the industry in restructuring websites and has made a successful career out of it.

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