Flights to Rival the Hawks

Aerobatic flying is considered by some to be as close to true freedom as possible. If you have ever watched hawks rolling, diving and swooping through the sky and wish you could join them, this form of flying may be just the ticket to having that experience for yourself. Here is how to get started with learning aerobatics.

Take a Few Test Flights as a Passenger

While it may look great from the ground, this type of flying is not for the faint of heart. Your stomach and nerves need to be steely to enjoy the exhilaration of aerobatic flight. Book a few flights with an experienced pilot just to experience it. If you love it, you will likely know rather quickly. If you find you don’t care for the aerobatics, ask your pilot to keep the plane steady and you can still enjoy the gorgeous views.


Sign Up for Courses

In order to learn to do aerobatics, you first need to be more than comfortable with basic piloting. After you’ve mastered the basics, you can then move on to learning the more complex skills. Aerobatics courses will teach you all you need to know about piloting during amazing stunts.

Meet a Mentor

Advice can be invaluable, so it’s best to pay attention when you meet more experienced pilots. As time goes on, you may forge a bond with one or several who may act as your mentors. You can then use the advice they dispense to further your own flying skills, which you may someday pass down to your own friends new to piloting.

While aerobatic flying isn’t the right hobby for everyone, those who love it take great joy in the thrill of flying just like a hawk. The Australian Aerobatic Academy is set up to assist pilots who want to experience the exhilaration and is among the best options of a flying school in Sydney. You can learn more from their website at

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