French Artist Duaiv Taking Car Wrapping To An Extreme

Car wrapping is no longer just for advertising or creating moving billboards; it has become a legitimate art form for creative individuals to produce unique and expressive designs for cars. Even an award-winning French artist known as Duaiv has gotten involved in creating a colorfully designed car wrap for the Ferrari 458 Spider that is getting the attention of car aficionados everywhere.

Duaiv’s creation has taken on a life of its own as the innovative custom design for a super car like the Ferrari. Even car lovers who are normally not interested in vehicle wrapping are impressed by Duaiv’s work and artistry in working with the car.

French Artist Duaiv Taking Car Wrapping To An Extreme

Duaiv Partnership With Ferrari

Duaiv is a French-born artist who was asked by Ferrari of Palm Beach, Florida to custom design a wrap for their Ferrari 458 Spider model. Duaiv was thrilled to be asked to create this artwork as he considers the United States his home.

His artwork is typically colorful, impressionistic and lively and the design for the Ferrari is no different. The car is covered with bright, geometric designs in an array of colors with an interpretation of the American flag extending across the back bumper.  Duaiv’s signature adorns the front and back of the vehicle, making it a one of a kind work of art created for Ferrari.

Executing The Car Wrap

Duaiv was concerned about how to execute the wrap as he lacks experience in the process so the installation of his design was entrusted to Burt Cole who is more knowledgeable about vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping is a bit of a technical process and is created through a large vinyl graphic or decal that is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle.

Designing a car wrap can take some effort in getting the correct measurements of both the vehicle and the details of the design. In the production phase, the graphic is printed and then laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasions and UV rays that can cause the graphic to fade. The installation of the wrap must be done by someone with enough experience to handle the materials.

Duaiv’s car wrap is a full wrap covering the entire car including the roof of the vehicle which can be complicated so he turned the wrapping process over to someone else once his design was completed.

Duaiv Artwork

The artwork that Duaiv creates is often impressionistic landscapes or still life’s reminiscent of Van Gogh with a brighter palette. For the vehicle wrap that he created, Duaiv chose a more geometric approach that suited the vehicle while still creating a sense of movement.

He added the American flag design at the back to express his love of the United States. Duaiv’s work proves that car wrapping can be used for more than just creating advertising space on a vehicle.

It can be an opportunity to use creativity to make a vehicle into something innovative and expressive while still being functional. Creative car wraps like Duaiv’s work for Ferrari are something that even car purists can appreciate and enjoy.

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