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The Automatic Transmission is a kind of transmission that is found in motor vehicles which can change the gear ratios automatically when the vehicle moves. An additional advantage derived from it is that it frees the driver to further operate the shift gears manually – as the auto transmission performs the same task efficiently. There are some definite sorts of gear ranges through which most of the automatic transmission works. A very common among them is Parking Pawl- it works so deliberately with the transmission that it prevents your vehicle to roll down either forward or even backward.

Background of the Invention of the Automatic Transmission:

Let’s have a fair knowledge about the invention of this useful device for your motor vehicles. This automatic transmission has been in existence since 1921 as Alfred Horner Munro of Canada invented this in 1921 and also patented under Patent of Canadian CA 235757 in the year of 1923 and later UK and USA Patent. However Munro was steam engineer so he has designed a device which lacked power because of its using Compressed air instead of hydraulic fluid, and so it never gained prominence in the commercial market. But this problem has been solved by Jose` Braz Araripe and Ferando lenly lemos, two Brazilian engineers in 1932, with their invention of first automatic transmission which uses hydraulic fluid.

World-Wide Progression of Auto Transmissions:

Motor vehicles that are equipped with this device are not as troublesome to drive. This is the reason behind its gaining popularity throughout the whole world. The automatic transmissions have been a popular choice for most of Asian markets as well as in Australia since 1990s. Same follows with North America too as the three major leading American car manufactures had been already applying this device.

Most common source:

These device or may be in some larger form can be well-used in any sort of industrial vehicles or equipments or also heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles. There are many variations which you can find out in these auto transmission devices. There are some machine which is incorporated with limited speed ranges while again has fixed engine speeds, some like forklifts or lawn mowers which can be only functioned by a torque converter; its main purpose is to aid you with a variety of gearing for the engine to your wheels of the vehicles.

Difference between Conventional Transmission and the Automatic Transmissions:

Why only keeping track of the traditional automatic transmissions- other variations of automatic transmissions can be looking into it. Among them mention-worthy is Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) or semi-automatic transmission which carries out the similar function of freeing the driver from the manual operation of the gears. So the function is all the same but the difference lies in the internal operation and specifically to the feelings of the driver who has used both types of transmissions.

Various modes of Automatic transmission:-

There are different modes of Automatic transmission depending solely upon the model and the maker of the transmission. So here are some of the Common modes

  • Park (P) – Restricts the vehicle from shifting either upward or downward.
  • Reverse (R) – Operates through reverse gear and allowing the vehicle to be moved backward and further provides a switch for white backup light.
  • Neutral / No gear (N) – Does not allow all the gear trains to be engaged within transmission.

Manually Controlled form of Automatic transmission:-

The transmission puts forth some important roles for the driver by offering a certain number of manual controls apart from the very obvious selection of reverse, forward or neutral.

These controls have different forms like as follows:

  • Throttle Kick down
  • Mode selection
  • Low gear ranges
  • Manual Controls
  • Second gear take-off

Above mentioned information help you to learn everything about Auto Transmission. If you would like to know more then go here and get some more useful information.

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