Galaxy Note 9 Specs. Leaks, Updates and More: Are The Rumors True?

In the next two months, we will be able to see the Galaxy S9 in flesh, all its glory and Samsung’s plans for future smartphones in 2018. Most of the details have been cleared in new leaks, with one leaks coming up with new renders of the phone. Apart from the top-notch silicone, Qualcomm’s latest and greatest, the Snapdragon 845, leaks are pouring in about design changes with a fully curved display and bigger battery.

All that said, some news is founded on the fact that the Galaxy S9 will be a boring device, so are the rumors true, is there nothing to expect from the S9? Whether or not it’s true we have to wait to find out, but that leaves us with the next arrow in Samsung’s quiver, the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung promises big with their phablet flagship of the year, although we have crossed the phablet finish line a long time ago. Galaxy Note 9 in latest is the next big smartphone from Samsung with some new hardware and lots of features to boot. The first thing to notice will be an all-new display panel up front. The display will now be curved as opposed to the edge display of yesteryear and keep the same stretched aspect ratio (18.5:9) for better handling.

The 6.3-inch display seems to be good enough for 2018, although some leaks point to a much bigger 6.5-inch monstrosity. The display will also be incorporating an in-display fingerprint sensor for ease and futuristicness (lost a word there).

Moving on to the back, we are greeted with a dual-lens camera setup, both 16 Megapixels, one with 28mm focal length and the other, 50mm both opening up to f/1.7 with OIS, also a 12 Megapixel front shooter is worth mentioning. What about the horsepower, how much will it have? For starters, Qualcomm’s working on the Snapdragon 855 and probably be ready before the Galaxy Note 9 launch.

The new 7nm architecture in 855 is rumored to offer 2 times the performance of the 845, with added features and updated wireless receivers. That’s all well and good, but what it’s worth? The 6GB, 64GB will cost you $849 and 8GB 128GB will start at $900, with a launch date of August 2018.

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