GAMSAT – Is It Only For Biology Students!

GAMSAT – Is It Only For Biology Students!There is only one profession that is considered to be noble across the universe. Yes it is the medical profession. This is the only profession in which the professional role is of that next to God. This profession helps earn the highest regard and also the highest remuneration. People always are worried about their and their dear ones health and any kind of threat to their health makes them emotionally weak. They go to any extent to save their and their family members health. And after God only a doctor can save your life.

Many youngsters today aspire to become doctors and they are ready to do anything for it. One of the best ways to get into the medical field is via GAMSAT. This is an annually held entrance exam that gets you the eligibility to study medicine. It is the most sought after exam and many aspiring doctors wish to pass this exam. However, this exam is very difficult and needs proper preparation. It is held by ACER and this exam is held with an intention to test the candidates reasoning and problem solving skills. It is held in Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland. Students from any area or background can apply for this exam. Many are under the impression that UG degree does help when preparing for GAMSAT. Well this is not true. There are many who simply believe that only students from biology major can apply for this exam. However, students from any background can apply for this exam and each background helps you to perform in GAMSAT.

Lets see How Engineering Helps you Apply for GAMSAT:

Section I and section III mainly constitute of problem solving questions and if the candidate is from an engineering background, it is going to prove beneficial to the student. Also engineers are considered to be speed readers and this again proves as an advantage to them. They do not find any difficulty in read long passages and thus save time. Engineers are already used to reasoning and analytical questions and are quick at it hence they don’t spend much time answering such questions.

In section III some questions are based on Physics. Every engineering course comprises of physics related to velocity, acceleration and magnetic fields. All students are almost champions in this topic hence again section III is quite easy for those appearing from engineering background. Infact many engineering courses also have organic chemistry in their syllabus to a certain extent, this again helps them understand the intricacies of chemistry better.

Even in section II, engineering comes handy and these students have o constantly write practical reports and they could use this knowledge to write their essays. Hence the written English skills are also taken care here.

Not just engineering but those from Arts can also apply for GAMSAT. Those from Arts background find it very easy to solve humanities and social sciences very easy. Students from Literature background vouch for their written English skills which forms the section II of GAMSAT exam.

Thus, no matter from which background a student is, he/she can apply for GAMSAT. What counts is how to plan for GAMSAT preparation. You need to have proper coaching, the right study material and last but not the least a strong desire to become a doctor. Wish you all the best!

Writer is a professor in the university and writing is a hobby and a favourite pastime. He loves cooking and trekking.

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