Getting Ready For Competitive Exams

Getting Ready For Competitive Exams

Cracking and acing the toughest competitive exams is a dream of many. Being able to crack these exams opens up avenues for the qualified candidates that can only be gauged when they are out in the real world, facing real-life problems.

Getting Ready For Competitive Exams

Why are competitive exams different?

KVPY, BITSAT, and other such exams are one of the most prestigious exams in India and students of science stream prepare for these exams soon after getting into the 11th standard. Lakhs of students appear in these exams only for a better future, but also for better career opportunities and the scholarships that come with it.

When perks are attached to anything then achieving it becomes more difficult.

Putting the game face on for competitive exams

Cracking competitive exam is not an easy task and requires hard work to be put in by the aspirants. So, how does one get ready for such an exam? Well, these tips might help:

  • Get ready by getting in the right mood: If there is a desire and one keeps doing what is necessary, it will eventually become a habit. Once the preparation routine sets in, then everything will work like clockwork.
  • Balancing school and self-study: Boards are equally important so the balancing act becomes equally important. Most competitive exams are based on NCERT, so classes in school are crucial to clear doubts and understand the concepts. After school hours, comes the need for self-study. More and more students now resort to self-study than coaching to clear these exams, as all the preparation materials and guidance are available online.
  • Quality over quantity: It is important to have quality study sessions than to be buried in books for strenuous long hours. The study shows that preparations done according to a well-scheduled timetable will have 35% more impact than an unplanned and a longer one.
  • Reenergizing self: It is possible that monotony and tiredness can set in but the trick is to not give into it. Shaking up things and doing things differently will surely help. Instead of tiring off to bed, one can take long walks and rejuvenate themselves.
  • Smart work: Deciphering competitive exams can give the aspirants the necessary advantage over others. The trick is to solve previous years papers and understand the pattern of the exam. Knowing the most asked topics, topics from where easy and difficult questions come from will help the aspirant to prepare accordingly.
  • Keep distractions at bay: Phone and social media is a good medium to connect with near and dear ones but not helpful during exams. Not only social media but also a noisy environment, noisy neighbours contribute to this. Best to avoid such distractions and to focus on studies in entirety.
  • Do away with stress: The solution to this is to solve mock tests so that aspirants can be ready and well averse for the final exam. It is also important to avoid unnecessary advice and too much brainstorming about preparations, as this can bring back the stress.


Sure, these competitive exams are a gateway to having a successful career and in the end, a good life but life doesn’t end here. Taking too much of onus on self can lead to a bad attempt, so take these exams like any other step and the end results will be an excellent one.

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