Getting The Most Out Of Real Wood Flooring

There’s something special about having actual wood as the flooring in your home… Though I have to be honest and admit that smooth wooden stairs make me a little nervous about falling. Still, it looks nicer than many carpets, and it’s very easy to clean for even the least-experienced homeowner. Wood has a lot to recommend it, so let’s talk about how to get the most out of it.

One of the most popular reasons for getting wood flooring is the interior design aspect; particularly dark flooring can help to create some stunning contrasts within a room, while the natural lines and swirls of the wood help to give a rich, solid texture that’s difficult for artificial materials to truly match. Actually, this is probably the best reason to change your flooring – I mean, if it doesn’t look nice in the end, it may not be worth the bother. On top of your personal enjoyment, though, quality wooden flooring can help improve the value of your home by making the entire place look more solid and well-designed. Heck, if you design things right, you might actually be able to increase the value of the house enough when you’re selling it to completely cover the cost of the flooring – you are, in essence, getting yourself a free remodel (and maybe some pocket change on top of it). Never underestimate the price-modifying power of wood. It really can have a major effect.

However, if you install the flooring wrong, you could find yourself seriously regretting the decision. I will be honest with you: wood flooring is not the ideal material in every location that every house has. This is especially true with very dark or very light woods when they’re placed in particularly sunny areas, because the wood can heat up quite a lot or start reflecting light into your eyes. It’s true that wood is a wonderful material, but you’re not going to get the most benefit out of it if you don’t understand where to put it. Before you do any installation, consider the sources of light and heat that your home already has. Do you have some big windows that face the sun, helping to provide natural light and heating? Be careful there. However, most rooms and hallways will never have to deal with these sorts of problems, so you’re in the clear there.

Finally, be sure to do a little bit of maintenance on the flooring every now and then to keep it in good condition. While wood intended for flooring is usually designed to withstand temperature and humidity changes, it can still get damaged over longer periods of time. However, some simple, straightforward care will ensure that your Real wood flooring remains attractive and in good-condition for as long as possible. Oh, and be careful with any protective layers you might put on top of the wood – after all, you’re going to be walking on that, so anything too slick is a bad idea no matter how protective it is.

Now you know a little more about wood flooring, so keep these tips in mind next time you do a remodeling!

Real wood flooring is popular with people for an important reason – it’s comfortable and it works for just about every home.

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