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Give Your Start-up A More Professional Appeal With Vanity Number

Did you just materialize your much-awaited new business venture? Or looking for a telephone number for your business. You need to think beyond standardized telephone numbers. Astute entrepreneurs worldwide are opting for vanity numbers for these numbers are easy to memorize and help their business sound more professional. Moreover, vanity numbers work great for companies who do business over phone across the country or those who spend huge sum of money on presentation and advertising, like a billboard. Business owners are willingly going for such alternative to standardized telephone numbers because expecting a passerby to memorize a 10-digit standard telephone number is simply unrealistic, however expecting your potential customer to remember 1-800-flowers as they pass by your displayed advertisement makes more sense.

Give Your Start-up A More Professional Appeal With Vanity Number

3 Major Advantages of Giving a Vanity Number to your Start-up

Brand Name

Being easy to recall, vanity numbers help start-ups escalate their brand name with word of mouth, as it is easy for your present customers to tell about your business and product to your prospective customers because the phone number, which acts as an identity of your business, is very easy to remember.

Brand Promotion

How you promote your brand and how much sales you earn help you determine how much brand promotion has succeeded in the market. A vanity number chosen as per the objective of the business and market scenario helps in both promotion and branding of the business. Vanity number brings credibility to your business because of which your customers are assured of the quality of the products and services your business has to offer.

Brand Identity

Vanity numbers help increasing the customer response rate. Businesses experience higher response rate because of vanity number means more visibility and improved brand identity.

Tips to Pick a Right Vanity Number

Vanity numbers are feasible for almost every business, but there is definitely an art to picking your number.

Choose an Easy-to-remember Phone Number

Vanity number is the ball game of choice of alphabets that goes into the formation of this alphanumeric number. Do not stress your potential customers with 10-digit telephone number; instead offer them an easy-to-remember alphanumeric number for example 1-800-Flowers.

Communicate What your Business Does

If you provide scented candles then maybe you, can use the vanity number like 1-800-Candles, however ensure that the number is not taken by any other provider. You can go for other choices of words such as WaxCandle etc. choose the number that suits your business the best. There should be no confusion about what your business sell.

Consider Avoiding Unique Spellings

As stated earlier, one of the advantages of vanity number is that it’s easy to remember. So don’t make it tough for your customers to remember it by getting a little over creative using ‘Z’ instead of ‘S.’ for example using ‘Flowerz’ instead of ‘Flowers.’

Avoid Hybrid Numbers

It is a lot easier to remember 1-800-Flowers than 1-800-867-Cat because your audience will still have to remember extra 3 digits in addition to 1-800. So keep your number simple and easily memorable.


As your start-up begins to get more calls through vanity phone number, you can be sure that your business has taken a leap forward towards brand building process and the process of calling does not end here. People will believe in your services more by word of mouth from your existing customers, which will increase brand image even more. This all can happen by giving a vanity number to your new venture, to your start-up.

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