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Going Direct or Using A Comparison Site? Which Is Cheaper For Breakdown Cover

The modern customer prefers to make well-informed decisions when shopping for value, and breakdown cover could prove an overhead when not best matched with the need and competitor offerings.

With several breakdown cover providers offering multiple levels of cover at competitive prices, it is important for motorists to stop and think what exactly “cheap” means to them. All services, including breakdown cover, come with a basic price and any quote that seems ridiculously cheap is better ignored.

That said how exactly does a motorist benefit or get a cheaper breakdown cover by going directly to the breakdown cover provider? There are several ways in which going direct can work in favour of the motorist.

Going Direct – When and How Does it Work?

Prior awareness or referrals from trusted sources often encourage motorists to directly get in touch with breakdown cover providers to check out their offerings. This, however, does not mean the deal gets any cheaper, but could prove beneficial to keep pace with the latest features or seasonal promotions that are yet to hit the news.

There are select breakdown cover providers such as AA, who allow motorists to put together their own breakdown cover based on specific needs. Custom plans at competitive prices may offer good value for money. Comparing custom plans are, however, not possible with comparison websites.

Interestingly, offers custom variable premiums based on car model, age and driver age. Breakdown cover may come at discounted prices or include free enhancements for existing customers.

Comparison sites may not really include innovative or off-beat services providers like AutoAid. AutoAid’s roadside assistance and recovery services are similar to those from established insurers, but with one important catch: motorists are expected to pay up for the replacements and repairs, collect receipts, and later claim the money from AutoAid. Prices reportedly are highly slashed (nearly 60%). AutoAid’s services, of course, are not convenient for those who aren’t that enthusiastic about paperwork.

Similarly, award-winning breakdown recovery services from GEM Motoring Assist provide comprehensive, quality personal breakdown cover at very competitive rates. Special discounts and free accident management services can be gained by going directly to this service provider, which has in fact topped the Driver Power 2014 survey. Impeccable response times of less than 30 minutes, in 60% of the cases, are worth a mention. GEM Motoring Assist has retained this distinction for years together only to briefly lose to AutoAid in 2012 before recovering.

Going direct is a first-hand experience that is bound to offer a better understanding of such breakdown cover providers and their offerings.

Buying Breakdown Cover Using A Comparison Site

Comparison sites, on the other hand, can prove quite useful to shortlist breakdown cover providers who offer breakdown cover plans that best suit motorists’ needs as well as budgets. They definitely make the shopping process comfortable and easy, and serve as a one-stop shop for motorists to check out basic offerings and effortlessly compare them.

There’s really no guarantee that the cheapest deal on the site offers best services, which in turn requires people to visit the breakdown cover provider’s site or office to check out details.

Comparison sites, in reality, are simply the first step towards finding a suitable breakdown cover. They really don’t make things any cheaper, except for cutting down the time and effort spent in shop hopping to compare deals.

Cheaper Option?

There’s really no winner here, for both comparison sites and the breakdown cover provider serve different purposes.

As observed earlier, motorists who are familiar or comfortable with offerings, services and pricing of a reliable breakdown cover provider usually receive a fair deal when they directly approach the firm for breakdown cover.

Novices, of course, do need to stop over at comparison sites to first understand the options available to them, take time to check out the different plans, features and pricing, before proceeding to contact the breakdown cover provider.

The cheapest option, of course, is getting a free breakdown cover.

Do not make the mistake of buying breakdown cover without checking if any of your earlier bundled insurance policies already have it included for free. It is very much possible for it to skip notice or memory. This is especially applicable for those who’ve purchased car insurance, travel insurance, or even a new car. The latest cars from Audi, Citroen, Ford and other brands are known to offer free, 12-month breakdown assistance with the purchase. In such case, all new owners need to do is check the terms of the policy and simply opt for extra cover based on the features needed.

It is important to verify the credibility of the breakdown cover provider and comparison sites before going ahead with the buy. Simply make sure the breakdown cover fits the need and offers value for money services.

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