Going Into Politics: Tips To Get Your Foot In The Door

Going Into Politics: Tips To Get Your Foot In The Door

Getting into politics, like many other competitive fields, is a challenging proposition, but entirely achievable with the right tools and tips that guide you to a fulfilling political career. As a political student, you want to find jobs that can lead you to a more influential sphere. A job as a financial adviser can get you on a path to meeting political contacts, making connections in local government, and eventually getting the career you’ve always dreamed of. As a political science major, you don’t want to rule out any type of job, because you’ll never know where you might end up. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government jobs employ over 5,000 workers and provides an average high, stable pay. But how do you even get started? The following are some tips to help you get your foot in the door, and into the political landscape.

Get an Education

One of the prerequisites for a successful career in politics, is gaining a solid educational background. The experience you gain at a major undergraduate institution will help shape many of your beliefs, and give you the skills needed in order to be a successful politician. Majoring in fields like international relations, public policy, and political science will give you a diverse background in understanding complex political issues including economic, geopolitical, and social ramifications of various laws and bills. Click here for more information. You will also get a better understanding of how the US political system functions, and how crucial communication is bringing opposing sides together. Many students enhance their education and background by enrolling in graduate programs that confer a masters in public policy.

Universities also offer numerous organizations and clubs to get a taste of politics, albeit at a very local level. Running for a spot in the student government is an excellent way to get a greater understanding of the effort and resources required in a political campaign. Most of the major political affiliations often have student organizations on campuses that espouse and promote their principles, and this is a good way for a budding politician to gain information on controversial issues and make an educated decision when choosing sides.

Going Into Politics: Tips To Get Your Foot In The Door


During your junior and senior years, you should start finding internships, both paid and unpaid. Often times, unpaid internships lead to full time positions with the firm or company you are with. It offers a great opportunity to show prospective employers and organizations your dedication to your goal of working in politics. As an intern, you may do anything from answering phones and filing paperwork, to becoming a crucial member of a political campaign for an elected office. Internships allow individuals to become fully immersed in a political atmosphere, helping strengthen interpersonal skills and improve both written and verbal communication.

More often, unpaid internships can be found by researching various political parties and elected officials. There are many volunteer and unpaid internship positions at the offices of representatives, senators, lobby groups, policy firms, political consulting groups and the offices of state and local officials. Internships offer the opportunity to network with influential people, and gain a rapport with people who have been in the political field for decades. This will help immensely in the job hunting process, as you will be referred to positions that are often unadvertised.

Entry Level Political Jobs

There are a variety of entry level positions in the political field that can help you put your foot in the door and eventually lead you to higher positions in the field. Some of these include legislative aides and assistants, caseworkers, legislative correspondents, campaign staffers, and field representatives. This positions all have crucial roles in the political system. They involve meeting with constituents, working with media outlets and lobbyists, help with speeches, manage day to day functions of campaigns, and many other significant roles. These positions are of crucial importance, and much of what you have learned as a student, volunteer, and intern will be applied on the job.

The road to becoming finding a job in politics is arduous, but very fulfilling. You have the opportunity to make a real, concrete difference in the lives of your fellow citizens. Without the political system in place, the proper governance of this country would not be possible. After working at some of the above mentioned entry level jobs, you can look to seeking higher positions within in the field, or even run of elected office. The opportunities that are open to you now are numerous, and include careers as lobbyists, political consultants, legislators at all levels, and campaign staff directors.

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