Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is Back with a Bang


Most people have grown up playing this game, therefore, when they found out that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories would be coming back, they were joyful. These two games are a prelude to Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5, which is set to release in September. GTA was only PS2 oriented, however fans are pleased to know that these two are now full-fledged PS3 games. Most people thought this would automatically mean better graphics and controls for gamers, however, they are wrong. The games will be published as PS2 classics in order to maintain GTA’s fulfilled legacy in the world of gaming. Digital Spy has only just spread word that the release date will be sometime next week and fans should look out for the game they’ve enjoyed since adolescence.
Rockstar will be offering both the games for $10. The purpose is to revive their love for the game and its theme. The only difference this time around, would be the fact that they are downloadable by PS3. Shack News further adds that the game is also downloadable on PSP. These platforms are now available for gamers simply to encourage individuals to support GTA 5.
Computer And Videogames released the official synopsis for both the games a while ago in order to refresh gamers’ memories. Liberty City Stories follows a more political aspect as it discusses real life issues such as organized crime and corrupt politicians. Amidst all of that, you must save Liberty City from drowning in the pits of eternal misery. Secondly, Vice City Stories is more character eccentric. The game revolves around an individual named Vic and how he must save his world from crumbling via creating his own empire.
While both of the plots are super interesting, gamers cannot wait for GTA 5 to be released after playing these games. Several gamers have suggested that the PS3 format will produce better graphic results in any case considering the advancement in technology from PS2 to the former. They have also enthusiastically considered the aspect of gaming controls being better this time around. According to Rockstar Games, the reason as to why these games are so cheap is that a maximum number of people could have access to it.
GTA is a game that is timeless and these two installments prove just that. Despite the fact that most gamers have already played this game, they are ready for another round replete with cheats, burning cars and guns. It is the real life aspect of the game that strikes the gamer. To be in a position to eradicate all that you’ve experienced in the real world, even if it is virtual, gives people great mental satisfaction.
One can only hope GTA 5 is just as amazing as all previous Rockstar games, considering there is a set precedent that has not been tarnished even once in twelve years.

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