Great Reasons To Choose Bi-Folding Doors For Your Home

Adding bi-folding doors to your property can really enhance the aesthetics of your home. If you have previously only had sliding or patio doors you may not be aware of the additional benefits and differences adding bi-folds can have. The increased usability of space in your home and the sense of free living are just two of the very best reasons to change, but there are more too.

Whether your home is small or in a large four acre plot of land, the following benefits can all be achieved by adding bi-folding doors.

Reduced cleaning

The great thing about aluminium bi-folding doors is that they are easy to maintain. Aluminium frames can easily be wiped clean, and the runners are also easy to wipe down and check. Aluminium frames do not change shape in the heat either so you shouldn’t have problems with the doors not opening and closing properly at certain periods throughout the year.

Open space to allow for better usage

It is true that bi-folding doors can open up the room more and give a room a new sense of purpose. By adding bi-folding doors to a room, you can create ease of living between rooms or internal and external spaces and maximise any space.

The can save space

Because of the concertina movement of the bi-folding doors, they can make the most of any limited space within your home. Depending on the layout of the room, you can change to have an internal or external fold. This can immensely increase the space within any small conservatories to give the impression that you have a really good and large living space.

More secure

Bi-folding doors are installed with the highest level of premium hardware and companies like Clear View doors of Yorkshire install the highest level of hardware as standard. This includes snap secure, anti-bump and anti-pick locks.

Energy efficiency is increased

The increase of glass often gives the impression that thermal efficiency will decrease, however modern bi-folds actually increase any thermal efficiency compared to standard window and doors. With the addition of the highest of quality glazing as well, you can reduce the need for so much heating in the winter and fans in the summer, as the glass helps to provide a regulated internal temperature.

They add value to your home

Adding aluminium bi-folding doors to your home not only adds a modern aspect but it also add value if you are thinking of selling at a later date. Their appeal is huge and added correctly will add thousands to the value of your home.

They will save you money

In the long run, with all these benefits you will save money on electricity bills, heating bills and you won’t have to pay out for more space in the future. They can really enhance the way you live once they have been installed. As an additional benefit, although not linked with finance, it can also help to improve morale.

These are some of the many benefits to having bi-folding doors installed at your home. With increased natural lighting, more space and much more, you can really enhance your home with bi-folding doors.

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