Hangover Remedies

Hangover Remedies

I’m pretty sure that most of us have been in this kind of situation at least once in our lifetimes: After a hard week on the job, the only thing you wanted last night was to go out with your friends, relax and have a good time. But you had“one” drink more than you needed,so you feel theconsequences of the last night’s fun in your head.The only thing you want right now is to get rid of those consequences. If this sounds familiar, you might already know some hangover remedies, but here are a few suggestions that might help you recover.

Hangover Remedies

Greasy Breakfast

Whether you try with savoury pancakes, fried cheese or chicken, greasy meal will help your stomach to recover. Greasy food sticks to the walls of the stomach and slows down the absorption of alcohol. If you have a chance to eat something greasy on the way home, do not think twice, because it is an excellent method for preventing hangovers. If you didn’t do that last night, start your day with fried bacon.


It’s a tested recipe. Chicken or beef, it does not matter, it’s all your dehydrated body needs right now. After a drinking night, you need both salt and fluid. The right amount of the salt in this“liquid elixir”will bring your bodyto recovery and you’ll be good as new.

Banana Milkshake

Milk is great for calming the stomach. If you mix it with nutritional and healthy banana and, not so nutritious and healthy, ice cream, you will get the perfect weapon against hangover. Although you might feel like you can’t put anything in your mouth (except water), this can really help you.


Chocolate is a cure for almost everything. Why not for a hangover? You can eat it “raw”, but chocolate milk – warm or cold is also a good option.

Fruit Juice

100% natural fruit juice is another classic hangover cure. Juice will provide necessary vitamins, liquid and sugar. Your blood needs exactly that to give your organism strength and energy. Another good advantage of this hangover remedy is that the fruit taste will cover the awful smell of alcohol from your mouth.

Bloody Mary

If you are one of those who aren’t afraid to take a hair of the dog that bit you, try a Bloody Mary. If you feel the pressure in the headand your stomach hurts under the influence of what you drank last night, drinkingsome more really seems like a bad idea. Especially if the remedy is a vodka based cocktail. But having a drink may be just what you need. Cocktail such as Bloody Mary, can be served instead of breakfast, as a hangover cure.


Sex is the solution for many problems and I’ve heard from a lot of people, with whom I’ve talked about hangover, that sex helped them. This is probably true: Sex is something we enjoy and we feel great afterwards. It does not have to mean that we will get rid of a hangover, but it will surely help us to feel better that day. And that is certainly the purpose of these remedies.

Most of these “remedies” are not scientifically proven, some of them even seem a little weird, but believe it or not – they help.

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