Hard Lives Of Londoners

The use of ready mix concrete in Richmond

There are many stately homes in Richmond. And there are many modest dwellings. When either of these falls into disrepair (or when the proprietors elect to expand), the process for repair or expansion invariably involves construction which, invariably, involves the use of concrete. More often than not, restorations or remodels rely on ready mix concrete to provide the structural support integral to shoring up or constructing a structure. (According to one restoration specialist, concrete plays a pivotal role in restoring heritage sites in the U.K.)

Perhaps it is of no concern to Richmond residents that their gleaming new university should last a long time because of the use of concrete, but for students, faculty and university workers, this fact must provide some comfort. Which leads us, somewhat awkwardly, into the next topic in this article: bathroom remodel and refurbishment in London.

Hard Lives Of Londoners

Bathroom remodel and refurbishment in London

Bathroom refurbishment in London is a big trend in 2017. Londoners must be keen on remodeling and/or refurbishing their bathrooms because that barometer of zeitgeist, Pinterest, devotes an entire webpage to the subject. Thankfully, for the more pecuniary minded, a website provides some tips on keeping down the costs of a bathroom remodel in London.

While hard data is lacking on the number of Londoners who remodel or refurbish their bathrooms annually, there can be little doubt such an investment yields considerable dividends. According to theguardian.com, the price of a London home has nearly doubled (to £600,625) since 2009. And according to the Telegraph, the average cost of a London property has jumped from £205,584 (February 2016) to £217,502 (as of April of this year). Whether or not new plumbing, tiles and other bathroom amenities factor into this value ascendency remains to be quantified; chances are good, though, it’s the savvy home or flat owner who recognizes the riches inherent in remodeling or refurbishing.

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