Heart Valve Replacement Surgery In India

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Heart valve replacement surgery  in India is a process to treat heart valve disease. The doctor wants to replace or repair the heart valve at the same time as one have open heart surgery. Blood pumps through the heart to all part of the body. Heart valve plays a key role in this one-way blood flow, opening and closing with each heartbeat. Blood that flows between different chambers of the heart must flow through a heart valve. The heart is a pump made of muscle tissue. There are four types of valves in the human heart.

  • Aortic Valve
  • Mitral Valve
  • Tricuspid Valve
  • Pulmonic Valve

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery In India

The aortic valve is the most common type of valve which needs replacement. Mitral Valve is the most common valve which replaces by surgery only. Heart valve surgery is needed  if the condition of the heart is worse. Heart valve surgery involves open heart surgery, which involves a cut in the chest. If the valve damage the person needs a new valve to replace the damage one. This is valve replacement surgery. The surgeon removes the valve and puts a new one in place. The surgeon will open the heart and change the damaged valve. Some symptoms like chest pain start. In some patients the valve replacement without opening the chest ,which is minimally invasive surgery. There are many cardiology hospitals, which perform heart valve replacement surgery in India. Here is a procedure which the surgeon performs to change the valve. The surgeon cut the point at the structure of the heart. Than a ring-like support, the device attaches outside the valve opening. Some heart valve repair procedures performed using a long thin tube.

If the heart valve cannot repair the doctor recommend heart valve replacement. During the process, the patient’s heart stops and start working on heart machine. Most patients admitted to hospital one day prior to surgery. Due to anesthesia patients will sleep during the surgery. The patient is unable to feel anything during the process of surgery. A small metallic discs know as electrodes attach to the patient’s chest which is connected to an electrocardiogram machine. For a patient undergoing open heart surgery, the surgeon will make a large cut in the breastbone to reach the heart. Connected to a bypass pump or heart-lung bypass machine, patient heart stop working during surgery. After the surgeon finishes the surgical repair or replacement the heart valve restart and disconnects from the heart-lung machine. Surgery takes 2-4 hours depending upon the number of valves which need replacement. Before discharge nurses will tell to take care at home. Complete recovery takes about few weeks to several months depending on the process. The success rate of the heart valve surgery is high but the symptoms are lifelong. Blood clots can, however, take place which increases the risk of heart strokes. Sometimes bleeding also takes place. There is the risk of heart valve replacement surgery also. Damage to red blood cells.Blood leakage in the small amount through valves after closing. India renown global destination to undergo heart valve replacement surgery.

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