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Plants are the number one way to bring nature into your home. They can filter your air while highlighting the unique areas of your home. You can choose just plain green plants, or you can go for a splash of color with flowering plants. While some plants are hard to take care of, there are some types that are easy for those that do not have green thumbs. Just make sure to get plants that are suited for the conditions of your home and that are resilient. There are also devices you can buy to provide your plants with the proper amount of water.


Natural Materials:

You can also use natural materials to brighten up your home. There are numerous green natural materials that are now available, including bamboo and other woods, grass wallpapers, and various accessories. Choosing paints that are greens and earth tones can also help you add a natural touch to your home.


Skylights are amazing features to brighten up a room. Since they bring sunshine into your home, they can lower your lighting bill as well as make your home seem light and airy.

Sliding Glass Doors:

Like skylights, sliding glass doors can be an amazing way to bring the outside into your home. Since they essentially replace part of your wall, they make your home larger, adding the backyard as another room. They are great for picnics and family events since you can leave them open for people to come and go. They also allow you to stay inside working while your kids run around outside.

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