How A Crafting Hobby Can Improve Your Life

Feeling like your life could do with an upgrade? Things a little flat? Need something…more?

It may sound weird, but how about adding a craft hobby into the mix and see where that leads? Read on for pure gold, hand crafted tips on improving your life with an interesting new hobby…

Let go of Stress

When you surrender to a new craft hobby you get really focused on the nitty gritty of learning new techniques and honing fresh designs. The purity of this focus means you don’t think about the other things in your life that stress you out and bring you down. For the time you are crafting, you are feeling more relaxed, less anxious and engaged with something that is ultimately satisfying and worthwhile. There is much evidence that levels of anxiety, chronic pain and depression can all respond well to regular crafting sessions. Many crafting techniques feature repetitive motions and these act as a calming salve to the parasympathetic nervous system, with the result of soothing the ‘fight or flight’ response we often experience with anxiety.

How A Crafting Hobby Can Improve Your Life

Be in Good Company

There’s nothing geeky, nerdy or uncool about crafting. Look at all the high-end, artisanal food products out there. What about the gallons of craft beer quaffed by hipsters the world over? Hand made is where it’s at right now. The ring of authenticity that comes free with hand crafted goods, is a unique and desirable ingredient.

When you join the crafting community you rub shoulders with some heavyweight celebrities. There’s Taylor Swift who enjoys creating festive snow-globes from jam jars, glitter, a little water and some figurines. There’s also Harrison Ford, Tom Selleck and George Clooney who all like a bit of therapeutic woodwork or carving now and again. Or how about knitting? Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts is a demon knitter and known for encouraging pals such as Hilary Swank and Sarah Jessica Parker to pick up yarn and needles, too.

Find Your Creative Self

Many people go through life never tuning in to their creative sides. This is such a shame because the joy triggered by the creative process knows no equal. When you embark on a new crafting venture you will learn how satisfying creative handiwork can be. As soon as you get hold of those art and craft supplies and kick off on a project, improvements to your life will become noticeable. As unfamiliar horizons open up, you will be mastering fresh techniques and learning new skills, this is good for your brain and your well being. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests acquiring new skills keeps the brain elastic and holds off dementia. Sounds like a good reason to get online and start ordering those art and craft supplies….

Expand Your Social Circle

Whatever craft you choose to take up, whether it’s card making, paper craft, decoupage, scrap booking, knitting, bead-work, jewellery or stained glass – remember there will be others like you. The chance to meet new friends with similar interests opens up when you begin a craft hobby. Look online for evening classes, clubs and events that celebrate your particular interest, then get networking. When you meet fellow crafters you can share tips on technique and learn from one another. Why not arrange to attend craft exhibitions or visit galleries that show cutting edge crafts? A reinvigorated social diary will have positive ripple effects throughout your life, improving your self-esteem and alleviating feelings of depression.

Crafty Cash Cow

While not about to turn you into a millionaire overnight, selling your crafts and handiwork can generate you money. At first you’ll probably start by selling to friends and family. Because of the personalised and bespoke nature of hand made products, it is possible to create special, one-off gift items that people are prepared to pay higher prices for.

Once you have accumulated enough stock, you should try signing up for a craft fair. Attend a few similar events in preparation so that you can see the kind of products on sale, how they are priced and displayed. Identify which products sell well, gain inspiration and feel energised by the prospect of all those potential customers, just waiting to buy your wonderful crafts.

So there you have some super tips on how a craft hobby could improve your life. If your day to day routine could do with a boost, why not try it out? You’ve really got nothing to lose, and a whole new range of crafty benefits to gain…

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