How Can A Certification Course In Graphic Design Boost Your Career

How Can A Certification Course In Graphic Design Boost Your Career

Does a graphic design certificate really help boost your career?  To us, the obvious answer is yes, but as with all discussions, there are two sides to every argument.  The fact that some graphic designers have made a career without certification courses is undeniable—but just because Bill Gates dropped out of college doesn’t mean that’s a smart career move for everyone.  The bottom line is that having a certificate in graphic design will open up more doors for you by showing potential employers and clients that you are proficient in the industry standard of skills.

Understanding What Graphic Designer Certification Can do for You

To better help you understand the benefits of taking a certification course in graphic design, we’ve put together some of the best reasons and outcomes for each scenario.  Look over the following list and see if this is something that you want for your life and career.  If so, then certification courses are for you—if not, you’ll probably waste your time if you take a certification course in graphic design.

How Can A Certification Course In Graphic Design Boost Your Career

  • Certification Courses Prepare you to get better Contracts
  • A professional certification program won’t help you join the union, but rather focus on professional ethics and standards. You will also learn the tricks of the trade on how to negotiate contracts so that they wind up in your benefit.

  • Certification Separates the Professions from the wanna-be’s
  • When you have your certification in graphic design, you are saying to the client upfront that you know what you are doing.  As such, you can demand professional prices.  Sure, some clients will leave and look for other designers they can exploit, giving them $20 to design a logo that will make the company millions of dollars, but unless that’s what you want to do with your career, certification will stamp your passport to a higher level of quality and demand.

  • Certification Connects you with other Graphic Designers
  • Getting certified is better as a whole for the graphic designer community since it unites the industry through a standard.  It allows designers to speak with a unified voice on matters such as tax benefits and speculative projects.

  • Certification Pays for itself through Higher Paying Jobs
  • Studies have shown that practitioners that are certified make an average of 15% more than practitioners that are not certified.  That means your certificate not only pays for itself in time, it helps you earn more in the long run.

  • Certification helps you Network and Advance
  • Because certification shows that you are amongst an elite group of graphic designers, you are recognized as superior in your field.  This puts you in line for more promotions in you’re working in a firm.  Your clients will be more apt to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. It also helps you network with other certified graphic designers who can funnel work and clients your way.

  • Certification is a Self-promotion Technique
  • By displaying the fact that you’re a graphic design certificate holder on your website and portfolio, you are saying a whole lot without saying anything at all, something every good designer knows is worth its weight in gold.

  • Certification Speaks Volumes about your Business Acumen
  • Because there is a standard that comes with passing your certification courses, clients and prospective employers can see that at the very least, you are professionally trained and capable of meeting the industry standards. One of the arguments here is that this doesn’t show creativity, but the fact of the matter is that’s what your portfolio is for.  There is no other way to show creativity aside from a portfolio just as there is no other way to show your professional training as a graphic designer than with a certificate.

Graphic Designer Certification is a Powerful Career Booster

When it’s all said and done, it’s quite easy to see that the upside of having certification as a graphic designer is far better than any downside could be.  If you want to set yourself apart from the amateur graphic design field and step up to the next level of pay, certification is a must (unless you are the next design brainchild or are independently wealthy so you can afford to take junk jobs).

Plus, the clients that you start to work for will not only pay you better, but treat you better as well.  After all, you’re a certified graphic designer.

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