How Office 365 Can Boost The Business For The Start-Ups?

Office 365 is soon becoming popular in the corporate world for its gamut of benefits. Today the start-ups are flourishing like never before.  With cost cutting features and a one solution to all problems kind of convenience, office 365 is loaded with all the potential utilities. It will enhance the working of the start-ups. The absence of hardware requirements and very cheaper up front cost are some of the basic features of office 365 that makes it a viable choice.

The start-up may face a lot of challenges in their initial setting up stages. These are the companies which once established will grow up to become large corporates. They must keep in pace with the changing scenarios in terms of industrial changes and the growth within the organisation. Expansion and development becomes a major and inevitable part of any start up. With the office 365 Small business set up, you can enhance your productivity by manifold and get solutions that can reap benefits for you in the long term.

Your familiar office like word, excel and PowerPoint is intact and will go with you wherever you want it to follow. This is possible by the free cloud project software that can be accessed at which has brought about dynamic changes in the way your favourite Microsoft office work for corporates. Start-ups have a wide variety of choices that is categorised according to the utility and requirement of the companies. They are based on monthly subscription and include:

  • Exchange online
  • SharePoint online
  • Lync
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Microsoft Web apps

Benefits of office 365 for the start-ups are plenty and include:

No set up cost

Unlike other software facilities, the office 365 comes with no initial set up cost. So the start-ups gain a lot without any initial investment. For small business this can mean a lot of savings.

Customised solution

You can get the type of package according to your individual company needs. This is something that has been taken well by most of the start-ups. You can customise the solution according to the immediate requirement of the company and there is lot of scope for upgrading the same in future.


Another major advantage of the office 365 is that the new companies get a lot of flexible solution. They need not invest on big cloud software. They get the free cloud project software along with this which can be got from the experts in the field The current state of the company can be kept in mind and the package can be selected. The start-ups then face so many challenges and get into a growth phase. During this phase their needs may change and with office 365 their needs can be easily satisfied as the packages provide complete flexibility in all respects.

All in one solution

A simple monthly subscription not the office 365 will provide for all your cloud solution. The traditional form of infrastructure will require the company to form everything in separate segments like email hosting, exchange server cost, web applications, security technology, mail filters and so on. This will automatically increase the set up cost. It can at times become difficult for small business venture to mint out so much money for initial set up. But with the office 365, you get all this for no extra cost. All you need to do is pick the perfect package for your business needs and pay the monthly subscription.

Easy to store

The files can be easily stored with office 365 for the simple reason that it has free cloud storage. Freedom to store and retrieve them from anywhere and anytime is something that can be quite useful to the global business scenario. It is also possible to sync the files with other devices and thereby enhancing the usability and efficiency too. Office 365 is indeed a cost efficient solution for start-ups.

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