How To Add Space To Your Home

How To Add Space To Your Home

Sometimes our homes are just not working for us any longer. You long for extra space or to create an area that functions better to make your home more comfortable and useable. There are so many ways to add this extra space to your home. For larger budgets you can add an entire addition or gain a new floor. For smaller budgets you can repurpose that room no one uses into a comfortable spacious laundry room/mud room or a luxurious spacious bathroom. Any improvements to your home add resale value and that makes it a win-win situation. Below are great ideas for ways you can add extra space to your home.

1. An Addition to Your Home 

These additions can add that much coveted extra space you are seeking while giving you a bigger home. They can also add a lot more value to your home which is a huge bonus financially speaking if you should wish to sell at some point. Although this can be an expensive project and take more time to complete than other ways, this may be what will give you that completely new space where you can have it designed just the way you envision. This project can become expensive and it’s definitely not a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. You will need to hire a building contractor, designers, and get all the necessary building permits.

2. Building a Second or Third Story 

These additions are great if you don’t have a large lot and are forced to build upward. This will create a large area that can be built just to your specifications and get you the design and layout you desire. Your home will soon be the comfortable space you need. You will need a building contractor to oversee this project so that your home is shored up properly to support an extra floor above you. This will dramatically change the look of your home and will add tons of value to it if you should ever decide to sell in the future. This can be a very expensive project and you will need to vacate the home for a considerable amount of time. And this one is definitely not a DIY project. Again, you will need the necessary building permits and designers.

3. Repurposing and Remodeling a Spare Room

If you need an office, another bedroom, a guest room, bathroom laundry room, or a craft’s room, then repurposing a spare room can you give you that extra space. You can turn a porch into this coveted space. Or you can turn an old guest room into a mud and laundry room, giving you a huge designated area to do your laundry. Just adding a designated space to your home can add value for resale. But more importantly it can give you that extra designated room that will add value and comfort to your life. This can be a fun DIY project.

4. Converting Your Basement 

Basements aren’t as popular as additions are or adding an extra floor, but they are still popular in terms of gaining extra space for living. You will need to build surrounding walls where electrical wires can also be run throughout the system. Expert building contractors can mitigate any moisture problems common in basements. This can be a DIY project, but for a more professional look or if any problems should arise a building contractor might be necessary.

5. Converting Your Attic 

This can be a fun project and give you a lot of space for your family to enjoy. What could be more fun than turning your old dusty attic into a new bedroom or family room? It’s easy to tap into already existing wiring. But attics can be a little difficult to renovate because of structural problems that can arise. They also have low-hanging ceilings that are difficult to redesign for living spaces. You will need to lay down a sub-floor to strengthen your foot traffic. But this conversion can add value to your life, and also add value to your resale profits if you should wish to sell your home in the future.

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