How To Choose A Good Hard Drive?

How To Choose A Good Hard Drive?

There are many brands that offer good prices for hard drives today, but really what we buy?

One of the first things to consider is the mark because there are many brands on the market that offer low-cost products, but we must remember that even though companies offer great prices you need to stop and see the brand for different reasons, in detail:

1. Market experience.

2. Support.

3. Cases, since many companies invest in research in order to offer quality and durable products.

The second thing we have to consider is if the hard drive will use it as an internal or external drive, this is very important because if we will take it as an internal need to consider whether or not your computer supports the ability to let you to add, and also the type of connection you’re going to put this on the following grounds:

Usually they have some computers not support large capacity hard drives, in fact most do not support large capacity disk drives as primary (primary disc), although as slaves or external drives, this because users generally do not update regularly the BIOS of the motherboard so that it has the features to support these capabilities but this does not happen in all cases, most old computers no longer support higher capacities, and we have much to do about it.

The other thing we have to consider is your connection type, for ordinary users can be SATA or IDE, IDE to computers and being entries in years and for the most modern SATA, otherwise we will have to pay a little more for a converter to connect the device.

The ability is very important, and we should think how much amount of data will be stored, if many media files like mp3, videos, movies, and if we are to save many of these files usually need a hard drive with enough capacity to storage, different capabilities, it is currently the lowest 250GB capacity and capacity are lower for older computers. In some cases some capabilities are already hard to find.

Given the certainty that the motherboard supports large capacity, we must always ask the price of 3 or 4 different capacities since many times for a few dollars difference we buy bigger disks.

Finally, a very important aspect is to check the speed (speed of rotation), since the higher speed best speed will be the speed at which the hard drive can copy data, a recommended speed is 7200 revolutions that will be sufficient for disk copy and read information decently, if I had a larger one would be much better.

Remember then, the most important things to consider in choosing a good hard drive:

a) Brand

b) Capacity

c) Revolution

d) Type of connection

e) Verify that supports our computer disk if that is to be used as an internal drive.

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