How to design a great eCommerce website

ecommerce-website-designAn ecommerce site is not simply a website – it is a shopping experience. This is the most important aspect of designing an ecommerce site which is often overlooked by both business owners and run of the mill web designers. With the massive boom in online shopping, it is only natural that brands and business owners will consider the need to take business online. However, the one issue that all brands need to consider is the conversion. Some online stores just aren’t able to manage a higher ratio of leads to conversion.

Great design facilitates a higher conversion rate.  The basics are clear to everyone – easy access to products, a great way to showcase them, and an easy way to buy. Beyond these is where the design aspect – both product and user design needs to be understood.

1. An easy way to find the product

This is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make. It is imperative to make it easy to find a product. This can be done through both search suggestions in the drop down menu, and great design to optimize how products are showcased.

For this, the site should be able to guide users to products. It is common to see sites recommend products based on browsing history.

2. Leveraging power users

For people who know exactly what they’re looking for, the website should have a search bar that auto completes their words. The search bar design should also be consistent in aesthetic design to the mobile version of the site.

3. Great visuals

The visuals used in the website should be top notch so that the curiosity of users is captured. Bright colors like yellow and pink can also be used to ensure that attention is maintained.  At the same time, over the top aesthetics are not advisable – the world’s best ecommerce sites are sleek.

4. Clearly showcase shopper friendly features

From clearly printed disclaimers of refunds, return policies, to presenting online shopping safety, shopper friendly features are paramount. This builds trust among buyers, and lets them come back to make another purchase.

 The product detail page must focus on the following:

Photos: high resolution, multiple photos showcasing different aspects of the photos. These photos should preferably be shot in the settings the product will be used in.

Price: All variations of prices, offered by competing sellers (if available) should be clearly shown. The price must be visible before the product is added to the cart. Also, show off the discount prominently to entice buyers.
Reviews: Give a fair amount of space to reviews that have been confirmed, as buyers are aware of fake reviews. Don’t delete negative reviews, as this kills the site’s credibility.

Here are just some of the many aspects of ecommerce website design, which is why you must work with a renowned agency like Think Big Online for addressing your ecommerce web development needs. Also, look into insights offered by marketing specialists. A good agency will certainly have an online marketing blog offering valuable insights for brand owners, something like


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