How to Design Closets?

It is important to make a full use of the available living space inside our house. By having convenient storage places, it is possible for eliminate the temptation of just putting everything on the floor. There are different closet designs that suit each of us best. Door is the starting element of the house that we may consider. It could determine the amount of space that is available for us, so it should be helpful to decide what kind of door that we should use for our closet. If our closet is located in a corner, we may use ordinary doorknob doors. In this case, the door will be flush against the wall, but it is important to make sure that we have enough space in the room, so these doors can be more efficient.

Folding door should be a good choice if there’s wide opening for our closet. Bi-fold and sliding doors are also good alternatives for this situation. Sliding door leaves only half of our closet open, while bi-fold and folding doors will need enough open space in front of our closet, but they allow us to have full access for the interior of the closet. Next, we should consider our requirements and needs. As an example, we may have many folded clothes or tongs of shoes. Some clothing may need to be hanged with at least 1 feet clearance at the bottom for out longest and biggest clothing. Suits and dresses will need more spaces, especially if we hang them singly. There are other non-clothing items that we may need to keep inside the closet, such as costumes, supplies, games, collectibles and others.

We should have a proper sketch for the design of our closet, so we will know how it will look like at the end. A good planning also allows us to use maximum amount of space, such as for the floors, side and back walls; and area around the hanger rod. In this case, we should look at all available opportunities, then we are able to save any space. This is a good thing if have a lot of stuff that we need to cram into the tight space. We should focus on placing things that we use the most and the most accessible spot inside the cloth. It is a good idea to store things that we use at least once a month in our closet. If not, the item should be placed in areas beside our closet. Things that we don’t use frequently may include wedding suits and dresses.

Although our closet is unique, it is a good idea to find ideas in online websites. As an example, we may consider whether we should use plastic storage containers, lazy Susan designs or rods for deep closets that we can pull out. We should take this opportunity to identify things that we don’t really need in the long run. We could sell them in garage sales, throw away or donate for social purposes. In fact, it is a good idea to include a notebook in the closet; so we will be able to identify things inside.

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