How to Edit Scanned PDF Files on Mac OS

If you have received some scanned documents from your colleagues, clients or friends and they are PDF format, you might be looking for a tool that will allow you to make changes to the text, pictures, table and so on. Well, look no further if you are a Mac user, because there is an amazing tool called the iSkysoft PDF Editor that can handle all your scanned files in PDF excellently. Continue reading to find how to edit scanned PDF files with this program.


Nowadays, it’s not a difficult task to edit scanned documents in PDF format on Mac once you are using the right program. The PDF Editor mentioned above comes with advanced features for you to add text, notes, tables and images easily to scanned PDFs. This is possible through an OCR or Optical Character Recognition which is designed especially to handle scanned documents. A scanned document is basically an image of the PDF file and this program can read all the characters in the image to transform it a document that is editable. The iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro Tool for Mac is very powerful as it comes with the OCR technology to edit any scanned PDF document.

You can follow this step by step guideline to edit your scanned PDFs on a Mac:

1. Run the program to load your scanned PDF file.

To get started, you can open up the PDF Mac editor and choose the scanned PDFs to work on. Select the language to use for this file. Ensure that the select language is used by the PDF file otherwise it will not open correctly. Bear in mind that the waiting times usually vary as it depends on the size of the file. Allow the scanned PDF Editor to complete its operations before moving forward.

2. Begin the editing process to change your scanned PDF file on Mac.

Once the PDF Editor program opens your scanned PDF files, you will be able to edit the document as if you were working with a general file. The iSkysoft PDF Editor is an extremely valuable tool to use because it will give you the freedom that is needed to edit, markup, insert images as well as remove or add text to the scanned PDFs in Mac.

Now, when you open your scanned files all the tools from the regular PDF files will be made available to you. After you learn how to edit scanned PDF files, you no longer have to worry about not being able to make changes to scanned PDF files on your Mac. This scanned PDF Editing tool from iSkysoft will give you complete freedom to make all your files accessible.

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