How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Taxi

All road vehicles are subject to degradation and none will last forever. But for taxis, which spend more time on the road than most, this will of course occur at a much faster rate, and for anyone relying on taxi driving for an income it will one day become necessary to purchase a replacement. You can, however, hold that day off for as long as possible by taking certain actions which may extend the lifespan of your vehicle considerably.

Regular Maintenance

Just as going to the doctor regularly will help to keep you in good health and diagnose any potential problems before they become too serious, having your car regularly serviced and checked by a trained mechanic can help avoid mechanical problems and extend the lifespan of your taxi considerably. In-between this you should of course also keep on top of basic driver maintenance such as checking oil levels. Changing the oil at regular intervals is highly advised.

Driving Conservatively

Accelerating hard and braking sharp can both take their toll on your engine, brakes and other vital components within your vehicle. By driving carefully and smoothly, whether you’ve got a passenger in your car or not can significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear experienced by the vehicle and the likelihood that you’ll have a minor or major mechanical problem that will cost you money. Driving carefully and smoothly will also help to improve your image in the eyes of customers and potential customers. Not only that, it will save you money on fuel.

Being Mindful of your Vehicle 

By keeping an ear out for unusual noises or odd behavioral quirks from your taxi, you can be alerted of potential problems and get them sorted before they become major issues. You should also regularly walk around your vehicle and check for signs of rust, corrosion or chipped paint so that you can attend to any bodywork issues before they worsen.


Having the correct taxi insurance can help you take better care of your car. For example, if you breakdown on the road and you have breakdown cover on your taxi insurance you can get it recovered and to the garage more quickly. If you’ve got replacement car cover you can also allow it to spend more time in the garage to be properly repaired, as you’ll have another vehicle to use as a taxi in the meantime. Of course, if your vehicle is written off in an accident that isn’t your fault, if you’ve got fully comprehensive cover then you’ll get the money to replace the vehicle.

Winter Car Care

Winter can be a punishing time for any vehicle, particularly one which is driven many miles commercially on a daily basis. Taking good care of your taxi during this time, by ensuring that anti-freeze is added to coolant, using car covers when the vehicle is parked and checking the tread in your tires, can help to extend the lifespan of your vehicle and ensure that it will see another winter.

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Marc Loud is a partner at Park Insurance, who have over 30 years of experience in covering a range of specialist sectors, including taxi insurance.

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