How To Find Your Passion In 3 Simple Steps

Time never stops for anyone. In order to realize your dreams and passion you will have to act not. Your passion is the reason to wake you up in the morning and keep you up late with excitement. But not everyone is aware of their passion, no problem whether you are looking for a passion from the perspective of a career or developing a new hobby, there are numerous things that can help you find your passion.

Finding Your Passion

Step 1: Dig deep inside your inner self (Brainstorm)

Ponder upon what makes you happy

In order to find your passion you must first look at your own inner self and observe your life closely. See if you are already doing what you always wanted to do—but just don’t do it often. Try to figure out what you really want and channelize your energy to materialize it into your new passion. Below is the list of a few questions you can yourself when brainstorming:

• What are my goals?

• Where do I want to see myself 5 years down the line?

• What do I like doing the most?

• What activity makes me feel completely in my character?

• What makes me shut the world around me?

How To Find Your Passion In 3 Simple Steps

Think about what you have always dreamed of doing

On the contrary, to making lists of what makes you happy, here you will write all those things that you dreamed of doing in your life, but haven’t done because of lack of time, money or may be because you were reluctant and conscious of doing. Below is a list of question, you should ask while brainstorming about your dreams.

• What is that one thing I always dreamed about but never got a chance to do it?

• What I always wanted to do since my childhood?

• Do I have an absurd dream that I neglected it all together?

• Is there something that my friends do and that excites me?

Create a Full-fledged Plan

Once you are ready with all the answers to above-mentioned questions, you may have fair idea of the things that interest you and the things you have always wanted to try in your life. Now that the copious amount of information is handy to you, you can frame a plan around these desires in order to find your passion. Here are some suggestions you can try doing:

• Segregate your short term and long-term goals from the list

• Make a list of things that you have tried before but stooped in between and want to do them again

• Prioritize your most exciting passions and decide which one you would like to do first

• Make a goal of trying things that are completely new to you and take you out of your comfort zone.

What else can you do to find your Passion?

Sometime our passion lies in things that we have never done in our entire life, and for that you need to explore various things before you narrow down on to few such things that excite you the most.

Experiment Often

Try new things such as exploring your artistic side, paying new sports, cooking cuisines. It is likely that you will find a passion among these new experiences.

Associate your Talents

For example, writing is your one talent and knowing about new gadgets is another. You can combine both and can try writing a book on gadgets. This is how you channelize your talents into your passion.

Hope this brief read helps you find your life purpose as well as passion of your life.

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