How to Get Rid Of Deep Car Scratches?

How to Get Rid Of Deep Car Scratches?

Ever noticed how glaring deep scratches on cars are? There is almost no way to neglect because these scratches stand out. Picture this: You argued with someone, and you go to bed, only to wake up to deep scratches on your car. An aggrieved ex, a troublesome neighbor, or your creative children; it can be anybody.

However, if you are selling a car and the photo of the car must be presentable. You can use this car photography tips or choose one of our methods.

Admit it, the next question on your mind is how to remove deep scratches from the car. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tips on fixing deep scratches on your car. So let’s begin. 

How deep is the scratch?

First of all, before you can decide on which method to use, you have to ascertain the depth of the scratch. We all have experienced minor scrapes on our cars, maybe a mishap at the caress or a slip up while backing out of your garage. Either way, these minor scratches are easier to fix. Now, how do we know the depth of the scrape?

You definitely would have noticed that your car has different layers; four layers to be precise:

  • Wax coat: This is the first layer of the vehicle; the transparent finish that gives a glossy appearance. Your car wax coat is the part that protects the car from paint chipping and weathering. However, this part is prone to stains. 
  • Clear coat: This is the second layer immediately after the wax coat. 
  • Paint coat: As the name implies, this is the painted part of your car. It is usually sprayed or applied mechanically. The vehicle is coated up to two-five times with paint, to give your car more sheen.
  • Primer coat: The primer coat is the sealant over the metal body of your vehicle. It aids in giving the paint job a smooth surface. It would be an odd sight if the paint was applied to the rough metal body.

You barely notice scratches on the wax and clear coat because they are well bonded to the paint. However, the scratches may result in a dent in the clear coat and paint coat. At this point, you will notice the damage and a different color, particularly light grey. It will be evident against the color of your vehicle. The most unfortunate scratch to your car is the paint chip that reveals the metalwork of the car. You will have noticed this if you have hit a hard surface, say a wall or metal pole.

What do I need for scratch repairs? 

They DIY methods should be done carefully to avoid worsening the situation. You would need a different car scratch repair kit for deep scratches and shallow scratches. For shallow scratches:

  • Clean towel
  • Soap and water
  • Toothpaste 
  • Wax 

For deep scratches:

Before we go any further, it is crucial for you to know that different levels of scratches require different repair kits and different methods. So it is best for you to know the exact type of scratch on your car before proceeding. So let’s proceed.

How do I repair deep scratches?

There are two significant methods of deep car scratch repair, namely:

  • Filling 
  • Buffing 

Filling up deep scratches

Your car will have gouges where it was scratched. But don’t worry, this is one of the competent DIY methods. However, you will need to buy some items:

  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Glazing putty
  • Paint leveler 

Step-by-step guide

  • Use the rubbing alcohol to clean the scratched area. Ensure that there are no extra particles on the cleaning cloth as this may worsen the scratch on the vehicle. You wouldn’t want to increase the dent; so we urge you to undertake this process especially if you just waxed or resealed your vehicle. 
  • When you are done rubbing off debris from the scratched surface, squirt a small amount of glazing putty on the dented area and spread gently into the dent, using a spreader. The good news is you can purchase the glazing putty from auto shops that sell items for car repairs. The job of the putty is to fill in the spaces left in the dent from within; also to restore the standard structure.
  • Next, you have to give the putty to cure. Waiting is way better than driving around in a car with dents. At least, give up 10-15 minutes or more (depending on the product) for the putty to cure. The putty will solidify inside the gouge. Meanwhile, we advise that you avoid touching ghetto scratch or the putty as this may cause inconsistencies.
  • Lastly, use the liquid paint leveler to rub off places where the putty may be excess. Be sure to use a towel or microfiber cloth to apply the paint leveler. Continuously wipe it down until the scratch becomes just a line. 

The exciting part of using this method is that the putty solidifies in the gouge and becomes part of the leveled surface.

How to Get Rid Of Deep Car Scratches?

Buffing over scratches

This method is more practiced as it easily removes scratches from the car. Things to use for this process are:

  • Soap and water 
  • Car scratch remover
  • Buffing pads/Microfiber cloth  

Step-by-step guide               

  • Firstly, you wash the scratched area with soap and water until the area is clean.
  • Next, apply a little of the car scratch remover. You may have come across various products in the market, but it is best that you check with your automobile repairer to advise you on the best car scratch remover. Apply a considerable amount on the microfiber cloth/buffing pad. 
  • Buff the scratched area in a circular motion, making sure to stay within the damaged spot. Keep rubbing it until the polish (scratch remover) has dissolved into the scratched part. It sounds simple, but you have to be careful, so you even out the rough edges on the car.
  • Next up, you wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove the excess scratch remover. 
  • Finally, inspect the scratch to make sure it is not as glaring as before, but you can still repeat the process if not satisfied yet. After you’re done, you can now apply car paint over the buffed area.

We advise automobile owners to buff carefully as the scratch removers tend to take off the paint coat of the vehicle. Please, stop as soon as you see the paint chipping off. 


In essence, these DIY methods we have given are mostly useful in small scale dents, like a minor scratch or a paint coat scratch. So here’s the deal, if you have cuts that get up to the metalwork of the car, we suggest taking the vehicle to auto repair shops as soon as possible to avoid rusting. 

We hope this post helped you, and we would love to hear your experiences.

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